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This blog is the work of Steven Raikow, a Digital Media Developer residing in the San Francisco Bay area.



  1. Hi Steve,

    Well done mate! Brilliant site. I am spending way too much time at it. Just a bit of feedback (to add to the mountains of feedback you must already have) – can you do something about those IPO’s that are not really sites, they are just Wikopedia entries.? It is very annoying.

    It s also a bit confusing trying to figure what makes the stock value rise or fall (with it not being performance based)

    and final feedback – the site will start to get very cluttered with fake/non relevant/spam/wikopedia listings very soon. right now part of the pay off of having your site as a Thot is that it gives a bit of promotion to your site, but with all the clutter it may make it a bit pointless., our sites will get lost in the mayhem. perhaps some way of profiling well performing sites? spotlighting? even promotion to higher performing divisions of the Thot market? and the low performers get relegated to lower divisions? I dont know. Just a thought

    I love the ticker. I have a fake news site ( and so now I can put it on my site in my fake financial section. ads to the illusion.


  2. Hi Steven,

    Nice job with thotmarket – it’s a great idea, however, is there any chance you could warn people before you close their thots, or at least sell the shares up before hand? I’ve currently got hundreds of thousands of shares in defunct thots that I can’t sell, or really do anything with… they’re just in my portfolio making me look rich. Might it be an idea to either give people an option saying ‘this thot will be de-listed in X hours’ to give people a chance to sell, or just refund a small percentage of their investment? Either way, it’s better than having the shares sitting in your portfolio looking pretty but doing nothing.

    With regards to your last post in the blog whether thot is regarded as a game or not, I would personally say it was, though my girlfriend can’t quite fathom why I’ve spent so much of the past few days on your site because “it isn’t real money” (though, I wish it was!!). I think I think of it as a game because a) it’s not real money, and b) it’s the sort of thing I generally don’t take too seriously – it’s not like I would normally invest thousands upon thousands of dollars in, say, feline AIDS, or any website really.

    My only gripe is that I didn’t think of it first! It’s a brilliant idea and one that definately deserves to make you some money (plus I can’t imagine it was too easy to code). Maybe when the site takes off properly (as I understand it the site is still in its infancy, and I hope it does get bigger), you could have an option to buy shares with real money too?

    Good luck with the future of the site, and I hope you earn a shedload of money from it 🙂


  3. Excellent site, and I can see myself having fun with it. Although, I’ve noticed a number of identical entries go through, and perform at different levels. Can be frustrating to have stocks go nowhere whilst the exact same url is rising on another IPO.

  4. I’m loving the new ThotMarket. Especially the new video feature! The only thing I would like to see is that the video stocks get capital gain from the number of hits the receive. Perhaps users would be charged 5 thollars to watch the video and that money would be distributed amongst the Thot holders. Thanks!

  5. nice website and idea steven. the only thing I request is a tutorial that is broken down to an idiots level LOL I have never in real life invested in the market and was trying to maybe learn how thotmarket operates but i am flabbergasted at the level at one must know. please provide a faq and answer section on how to perform basic functions for newbies and how to raise income, prevent fallout, etc…Thanks for the experience!

  6. Steve,
    I’m going to be *way* off topic here, but I’m curious – what led you to choose “rworkman” as a twitter id? 🙂

    • ‘rworkman’ is a reference to the TV show LOST. back in season 3 some of the characters encountered a body on the island which had a name tag that said ‘Roger Workman’. That just happened to coincide with my entrance to Twitter. It wasn’t until later that we learned about the character Roger’s history. I’ll spare you the spoiler in case you haven’t seen it, but Roger Workman turned out to be a major jerk. Had I known this then, I probably wouldn’t have picked the username. But hey, what can you do? On the other hand, my last name is Raikow, and I work a lot, so it’s not entirely inappropriate.

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