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Monthly Archives: October 2008

I just started a new twitter feed on which I will be posting famous quotes and deep thoughts from great and not-so-great thinkers. So, if you want a regular dose of wisdom, subscribe! This is related to an upcoming project.  What this has to do with ThotMarket will become apparent in a little while. 

UPDATED: I discontinued this project for the time being.


What with all the turmoil in the real markets, my thought have drifted back to my original web baby ThotMarket. I’ve mostly kept my hands off of the site for about 6 months, leaving numerous updates and additions partially complete. I’m well aware that the market mechanism introduced in beta 2 was not the resounding success that I had hoped for, even if it did resolve the inflation problems from beta 1. I’m going to take some time to contemplate what a revised market system might look like, but in the mean time, I’m going to make some comparatively minor improvements and additions. I’ll address some annoying bugs, and deploy a modified Custom Index system, as well as the discussion forum. There is also quite a bit of moderation that I want to catch up on, mostly to make sure that exiting thots are correctly categorized. I’m also thinking about making a ThotMarket iphone application, as I’ve been burning up the Bloomberg app on my phone checking the dow’s ups and downs every few hours.