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as seen outside the rsa conference in san francisco

I saw this van on my way home from work yesterday and thought it was funny. So, why not offer it on Thotmarket? It was parked outside the RSA conference at the Moscone Center in San Francisco.




  1. Probably not the best way to file a bug report but here it is anyway.

    Earnings of thots seems to be eaten up awfully fast making it so thots that don’t have one of the multi billionares throwing tons of money at it, dividends never seem to be paid out.

  2. I just sent a message about this very topic none. This is a problem for me too. I launched 4 IPO’s with good dividend rates the other day. I netted out a loss for that day of thousands when I should have profited. Something isn’t right. I proposed a stock buy back delay of one day to allow for people to collect the dividends they are buying into.

  3. It shouldn’t happen in the first week let alone the first day. I was thinking about playing with timing more… for example only increase company earnings just before midnight EST and see if the dividend get paid out as they should.

  4. The place is stagnating and rworkman seems to have deserted us, oh my!

  5. @juux


  6. I liked the thot, so I bought it. All your hippyhacker are belong to us.

    On the issue in the comments, yes indeed, there is a problem. Thots start to eat themselves too quickly, and dividends are now impossible to manage, even with high book values and market caps.

  7. I tried to use the clock to my advantage on dividends and instead I wasted all my money. It’s official Beta 2 sucks too. The only way to make any money is to sell IPO shares to people. The only way to get people to buy shares is to throw a bunch of money at it to offer a dividend. The only way that works is if you can throw thousands of dollars into the dividends.

    It’s time to delete everything and start over again.

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