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Today marks the one-month mark, since beta 2 launched, and what nicer way to celebrate it than to reveal a big nasty bug. If you visited the site today, you may have noticed that the order of the thots on the main list was a little strange. Things had largely revered to the way they were a month ago. Without going into detail, the month rollover caused a problem with the time element of the ranking algorithm. I’ve corrected it, but there are other bugs lurking about as some of you have reported. Thank you. This is the main purpose of the beta period, to shake out issues like this before we go big time.  



  1. Can you put in book value as a search option in browse?

  2. yes, search needs this and several other improvements. I’ve put it on the list.

  3. It shouldn’t happen in the first week let alone the first day. I was thinking about playing with timing more… for example only increase company earnings just before midnight EST and see if the dividend get paid out as they should.

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