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As has been discussed in the comments section of several recent blog posts, I’ve added a new number that can be used to value and compare thots by. This is called ‘book value’ which can be found on the thot detail page just under Market Capitalization. This number represents the amount of money that a thot has saved up for long-term use. It is initially set at IPO by the first controlling user as the ‘initial investment’. Thots will dip into this fund if trading has dried up, to prop up their revenue and subsequently buy back their own shares. The book value can increase if any dividends are issued on shares that the thot itself owns. I need to beef up documentation on the site about this element, but in the mean time, I’ve added a list that orders thots by book value.



  1. Two thumbs up.

  2. I also noticed a change to thots buying back out of comment revenue.

  3. I just had an awesome idea; what if we could earn thollars by referring people to the site?

  4. flanman, I’m intrigued. any idea how such a system might work? My main concern is the potential for abuse, but perhaps there is a way.

  5. Also want to point out a issue I spotted with delisting stocks. Seems that a delisted stocks ticker symbol cannot be used again. Even though the thot does not exist it doesn’t allow for the ticker symbol to be re-used. DIAMONDS was the one I was looking at.

    The point of earning thollars for referring is to ask the question when they sign up. They then would have to enter the players name. However I do agree the system could probably be abused.

  6. Hey not sure where to post this but i bought a message for my stock here : qwerty1223 added $2800.00 in value to your comment on thot BAKEDBEANS (Title: Beanz Meanz Heinz) but the dividends never came up is there a way for me to have my money back as it was wasted ?

  7. I was thinking of that but the very first thing I thought of was someone would be running on the poor side and make a couple of accounts. So guess there is some kind of system for that. I know I told three people that have signed up.

  8. The guys from the mega site Ultimate Guitar are now on in full swing. I fueled that rush over here a bit. Should be good times. Good bunch of enthusiasts.

  9. I love to see the traffic count for Thursday 3/27. Today was crazy because of the Ultimate Guitar people.

  10. I KNOW. People are buying thousands of Thollars worth of that even still today. It is the only thing I see on the transactions right now. And I guess along with that we did get a lot of junk… or porn. But I guess it comes with all the new members.

  11. Pending orders still dropping out.

    RWorkman where are ya?! Vacation already???

  12. Can the thots own auction be bought?

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