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I am working on the discussion forum. It will be posted within the next couple of days. I could have gotten one up sooner if I just used something like phpbb, but I want an application that will integrate more seamlessly with the overall app. For example, I don’t want to require a separate log-in for the forum. Thanks for all the feedback!



  1. Goes to show there is a silver lining to todays issues with the comments. Glad you were on it so quick. Should help calm some of the natives.

  2. Thanks for the forum! I’m sure it will help tons of people and be another great addition to ThotMarket.

  3. Looking forward to it – it should add another layer to what we can all learn from this experiment.

  4. Yes, will certainly help the community feel move on a bit – from some of the Thot comments I would guess that at the moment a fair percentage of folks feel a priveliged “inside few” are making tons of money at the expense of newbies. Sharing the love, swapping tips and general banter is bound to help smooth over some of the cracks and make people feel better informed.

  5. Can we request a moderation forum within the main forum? Always going to be someone out there that wants to get abusive/harassing within the Internet.

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