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You can now display an avatar with some of your content on ThotMarket. At the moment an avatar is displayed with your comments, and your user profile page, but there will be more use of it at a later date. I have yet to update the documentation on the site with instructions for creating one, but if you;d like to get a head start, you’ll need to head over to Gravatars and upload your mug there. As long as the email address that you provide gravatars is the same as the one you have entered into your ThotMarket account, your avatar will show up on the site. You can edit your email address from the link on your ThotMarket account summary page. Just a reminder, providing your email address to ThotMarket is not, by itself, permission for ThotMarket to start spamming you with emails. Only people who opt-in to receiving solicitations will get them. Also, ThotMarket wont sell your email (or give them away either) to anyone else so they can do it. Aside from avatars, the email only serves the purpose of allowing you to recover your account information if you forget your password or something. 



  1. OK, but could we have the indices back? New stuff is cool, but some of the old stuff was cool, too. I believe they still exist, but there is no link to them from the Marketplace. Also, please stop delisting my Thots because it makes me sad, like this –> 😦

  2. I’m working in indices to make it work a bit better. The new system needs to enforce themes for indices, so people don’t throw successful thots together that have nothing to do with each other for the sake of making the index valuable. The new system will also track index value over time (more graphs) and eventually compare them to each other. I’d like to be able to say something like, ‘the gaming index performed well this week, overtaking the sex thots’.

  3. Makes sense. The problem with enforcing themes is that it can only be done through admin action and judgment calls, since some users are rather haphazard with the subject labeling, so that won’t work as automatic enforcement. Either admins moderate, or admins rather than users are the ones to create indexes. I can’t see any way to build it in automatically. But maybe you have some cunning plan.

  4. The gaming index will never take over the sex thot’s. Never!

  5. I request a simple forum for discussion on game mechanics. Tired of people being retarded and thinking that I am doing something to make them bankrupt. A forum can be a place where other players can educate shareholders on some of the dynamics of the game and explain new changes and how that affects game play. Lastly it is because I am getting tired of repeating myself over and over because there isnt a place where one can easily go to and post it once and be done.

  6. Cybernations must have its own index, of course, given how many CN-related Thots there are, and that index will sweep all before it. All apart from Sex, of course.

  7. Marrakechll,
    You make a good point about the forum. I’ll see what I can do.

  8. A forums sounds like a killer idea. THOT Forums FTW!

  9. With the reduction in large dividend payouts on new shares we need another number representing the real money value or “book value” of the thot. I have a large dividend reducing however I don’t know how much of that is book value or capitalization.

    Leads me to the next question and maybe you already answered this. When a Thot buys back it’s own shares and an owner of the thot puts more money in to prop the dividend does the shares that disappear from being able to sell also get a dividend payment or does it get split amongst the remaining shares? I have a thot now that is reduced to below 7k shares. That means if someone wanted to they could only max out at 7k shares not the full 10k. That is a result of the thot buying back shares and then not making them available for sale again. Does the thot pay itself part of the dividends for the shares it holds? Does that money then fall back into revenue or into the capatilization portion to be paid out at some future point? If that money disappears then it is a negative for the market. Am I making sense here?

  10. I’m planning to add Book Value as a stated variable soon. Shares held by a thot (ths purchased ina abuyback), are still on the market. The thot will default to setting the selling price to jsut over the price that it purchased the shres for. Over time however, it will begin to lower this selling price if there arnen’t any traes.

    You’ve identified a problem with the current system. Currently, dividends paid out to shares held by the thot essentially disappear. It seems to me that this money should instead be applied to the book value of a thot. BTW, I think that a thot controller should have the ability to donate money to a thot’s book value as well.

  11. Yes I found out the problem the hard way. Cost a fair amount of money. Did some damage control and think that I will be out around 75k because of this issue. I have tested the theory that you can buy the shares off the thot. I tested on two different thots and had the same results. I could not buy the shares that the thot bought earlier. I tested on thot “Equifax and Minerva”. Both of those I issued today. Equifax I put in 260k + in comments and that is where I lost the majority of the money today.

    Glad to hear of the upcoming changes. I like the additional idea of donating money.

  12. Doing more calculations and realize that basically at any level of dividend rate for an IPO = a net loss for the IPO offering player. Higher the dividend the higher the rate of loss. This is due to the fact that the disappearing shares and the disappearing dividends to those phantom shares. I suggest a quick fix somehow because dividends just won’t be worth it in the comments section. Thusly cutting the earnings mechanism of a lot of players off.

  13. I noticed that very few of my Thots paid dividends overnight, despite several having sufficient earnings. Is this a related problem?

  14. Yes, I believe that what the thot is doing is buying back and thus reducing dividends. I think that the “fix” from last time is flawed in a couple areas I already spoke about. Maybe a roll back to the previous way until an improved fix comes a long?

  15. Also noticed that every thot I control is buying back shares. It is doing it only at 1-4 shares at a time but it is buying them back. I just released a thot and it bought back 6 shares immediately with only $10 in capitalization(book value). The thot is priced at .20 a share. It is also showing only 1 thot owner which is myself.

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