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I’ve made a slight change to the thot buyback function. Previously a thot would start attempting to buy back some of its shares (using revenue) only if the market cap was below $500. It would also spend all of whatever revenue it had on hand to do the buybacks. This has changed. All thots that have any revenue will attempt to buy back shares now, but they will only spend a fraction of the revenue they have on hand. There is a sliding scale to determine the amount of revenue that will be spent on buybacks (the rate decreases as revenue increases). This accomplishes two things: First, it eliminates a weakness in the previous system that might have left some thots stranded on the market indefinitely. These were thots with a high market cap and little trading. Now such thots will start to convert revenue into holdings eventually. If those holdings don’t sell, the thot will start forcing the trading price down to entice investors, or lead to de-listing (eventually). Second, it prevents thots from blowing all of whatever revenue they have on trading. Reserving some revenue for dividends. There were numerous situations when thots with modest pending dividends essentially canceled the entire dividend in favor of buying back shares. I’ve seen that there is some confusion about all this, as some thot controllers wonder why the dividend they created (by posting comments) went away (or got smaller). The reason is, that the thot is using some of that money to buy back shares rather than issue a dividend. That is why it says ‘tentative’ dividend pending. 



  1. These seem like excellent changes. I will take carefull note of what happens over the next 24 hours or so to see whether I think you have the balance right.

  2. Should be interesting. Rworkman what did you think at my proposal in the other thread?

  3. Something may be wrong with the buyback system. I am trying to figure it out but it doesn’t look right. I am doing calculations and it appears that someone doing an IPO with dividends can end up with a net loss if the stocks are not bought within the first hour. Also where are the stocks going that the thot buys back? Where does that dividend money go? This is where I identified as a potential major problem area. I completely own a thot and it is telling me that there are 2 other shareholders excluding myself which would make it 3. The thot has bought 4500 shares back that no one can purchase. This is where the dividend payout has a problem if it is actually paying a dividend to those 4500 shares the thot ate up.

  4. Alright I did some more calculations. It appears that I lost over 100k today in IPO’s because of the stock buyback bit.

  5. Buybacks are frustrating. Even high-value (book and capitalization) Thots have a hard time paying dividends. The hourly buyback makes account histories impossibly long. Perhaps you should consider switching to once daily for buybacks?

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