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So, I’ve changed the portable tickers again. Now, the html for the link and the image don’t include any variables, no ‘id=’ or anything like that. It seems that the old version, even the new (old) one wasn’t showing up on many sites (like forms) because they automatically block urls with that sort of code (for being spam or something). Hopefully, hopefully, this will finally take care of it. Please try to embed a ticker into your site or forum post and let m e know if they now work as they should. In case you didn’t know, the embed code is available on the thot detail page for each thot. Thanks. 



  1. How about worrying about the market functionality of the site instead of wasting time trying to convince users that we should spam your links all over?

  2. Well, it’s all connected. The market only works when there are enough people in there trading. The more people there are, the better it will work. You have correctly identified my motive for having people post the tickers offiste (to drive traffic), but there are at least two advantages to the users for this. 1.) they can encourage investing in their thot, and 2.) more traffic will improve their experience of the site.

  3. noone dont be a douche. He is making an effort.

  4. I second MarrakechII, noone. If you have constructive criticism, rworkman has shown he welcomes it and will take it into account. If all you have is whining, save it.

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