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I’ve added a new thot type for RSS feeds. This allow you to post thots that display the contents of rss feeds. The feeds, as all good feeds should, will update automatically as items are added to them. These are good for news headlines and blog postings, as well as microblogging and many other things. For example, here’s what a Flickr Photostream looks like on ThotMarket. I think there’s a lot of potential with feeds. In fact, the whole thing has got me thinking about redesigning the thot details page to better frame the content of these new thot types. The YouTube videos could be bigger and the feeds could have more room to spread out if we moved the trading interface to the right-hand margin (or something like that). In any case check it out.


One Comment

  1. That CNN feed thot was an error in the links. I didn’t realize I was linking the wrong items for a feed. However gave you another idea for podcast.

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