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I’ve added a new level of classification for thots called ‘type’. At the moment there are only two ‘types’. Links, which are the same old thots we are all used to, and now Videos, which allow you to embed movies directly into your thot page. At the moment, only videos from YouTube are supported. I’m hoping that this increases the value of the content on the site and am curious to see how thot-videos compete with thot-links. Before you ask, yes, more types are in the works as well.



  1. Two questions on this, which seems to have taken off quite well if the number of video IPOs is anything to go by.
    1. Is there any way to retroactively embed videos that were added as links prior to this change? (Here’s an example: )
    2. Will one of the other new types be the ability to embed an image, or is that problematic given that explicit Thots aren’t tagged when they appear in the browsing list, but only when opened? (Again, an example of a link to an image that could benefit from embedding: )
    Keep up the good work!

  2. 1. I’m planning to do this. You can help speed up the process letting me know which thots need converting by flagging them for editorial review (as ‘other problem’)
    2. You’ve identified one of the problems with embedding images. At least with videos, they have undergone a level of moderation (by YouTube) before they get placed on thotMarket. Also, the videos don’t start playing unless the visitor actively starts them. I’m concerned that people will embed inappropriate images and mislabel them in an attempt to trick others. But, it does make sense to have something like this working, so I’ll be thinking about it. Let me know if you have any thoughts.

  3. Images could appear as small thumbnails, which would at least reduce the impact for accidental clickers. The big red ‘explicit’ tag is helpful in browsing views – image thumbnails should not be visible until a Thot is clicked on, by which point the user has already been warned. A specific moderation option could be added to the “flag for admin” menu, which is “explict image not properly marked” or similar, and those could receive priority attention or even automatically disable images in that Thot pending admin review (although that is itself open to user abuse.) Ultimately, you have to rely on the community and active moderation. Severe sanctions for users who do not properly tag explicit images, coupled with quick admin responses to concerns raised by users should yield effective policing of this. Do you have any help on the admin/moderation side?

  4. I hate to say this, but there is a lot of things on the videos that are a bit… lets just say my parents wouldn’t approve. I know ThotMarket is like Digg or something (links to site and in this case it is set up a stock market) but it won’t get to junky with close-to-porn, will it?

  5. Considering what some of the opening stocks were it is a good question. Is there going to be a clean up or just use the explicit warning? As for porn young zack you are only a few mouse clicks away from Thotmarket to get more then a life full. Parents should worry about that more then Thotmarket. I suggest just keep with the explicit warning as a rule for any language or potential nudity.

  6. Haha, nice wording. And I see the explicit sign but still. It’s almost like I can’t make ThotMarket a homepage or leave the home page up because my dad/mom/brother/etc could walk over and see a title and a pretty decription and question what I am doing on the computer…! Just saying. I know things have to run and work out some things, just a thought.

  7. In general, I’m of the opinion that this is the sort of an issue that the market should sort out. That is to say, if the market values explicit stuff, then it will be prominent, if not then it should be suppressed by market forces. If you’re not interested in the explicit stuff, then you should factor that in to your investing decisions and try to influence your fellow investors. Of course, I’m not interested in running a porn access site, so if things get out of control, posting restrictions may be strengthened. That said, I’m considering a ‘clean’ option in personal preferences, that would filter out explicit thots for you once you log in (if you so choose).

  8. I posted in the About ThotBlog section thinking it was the only comment section, sorry! I just wanted to suggest maybe capital gains based on the number of hits that videos get. Perhaps a small fee from each viewing users account to the capital of the stock. In turn, the most viewed videos would pay out the highest dividends, be higher on the list, etc.

  9. Just offered IGY, which works fine at YouTube, but then got an error message. Checked back at YouTube and saw “Embedding disabled by request.” I guess it needs to be offered as a link instead. Maybe should flag that potential problem for users.

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