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I’ve been looking for ways to inject liquidity into the market without letting things get out of hand inflation-wise. I’ve added two items that apply to low income traders only: First, thots will be delisted automatically if they remain at their IPO market cap after four days. That is, if no one has invested in four days, the thot will be removed and the user who offered the thot will be credited for their investment (if they are low income). Second, users with low bank balances will now recieve a modest daily interest payment of 2% of their bank balance. This is all tentative, so if it causes problems, I may change things.



  1. Did the no refund rule stay in effect for delisting stocks?

  2. Apparently it did stay in effect. My FUNKYPANTS Thot was delisted, costing me around 1600 Thollars and several investors smaller amounts, for reasons I still can’t work out. I guess it makes sense to protect the smaller investors and let the high rollers eat their losses. I just wish I knew why it was delisted so I at least go 1600 Thollars’ worth of education out of it 😉

  3. Funkypants,
    I’m not sure why your thot was delisted yet. We’ve recently started distributing the moderating activities among several people so there may have been some confusion on one of the mod’s part. If I remember correctly, this thot would not have qualified for delisting. I’m investigating and may relist it pending the results. Thanks for your patience, this is all new to us too.
    -Steve (rworkman)

  4. No worries. The best thing about this whole venture is the learning experience.

  5. But if this only aplies to thots that stay at their IPO cap. value for 4 days, it won’t do much cause most thots have IPO values of 10$ and that value imediatly increases after the first stock is bought, and to decrease to the IPO value it takes alot of time…
    Isn’t it?

  6. Any word on my FUNKYPANTS Thot? I do miss it sometimes *sniff*

  7. Uh, is there some campaign to wipe out my Thots by slow attrition? My Thot YAVANNA was just delisted as a duplicate, when it clearly was not. I searched carefully before listing it. There are several individual Cybernations listed – that one did not exist before or, if it did, was not discoverable by the site search. What’s up with that?

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