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Art imitates life? Err, something like that. I’ve paid out $200 to many of the less fortunate traders who may be having trouble getting back on their feet after a string of unfortunate investing decisions. I’m not terribly concerned about inflation with the added money now flowing into the thotconomy for a few reasons. Mainly, the ad auction is siphoning off a nice amount of change everyday now and will counter-balance the payout in a week or two at the current rate. I’m watching numbers and eagerly await the ramifications of this decision. 



  1. You know that would be cool. To have a Stimulus Package! I don’t know how you could give it out (By how much you spend, how many stocks you buy, etc) but it would be a plus. Or (something a bit complex) have taxes.. And make it to where you have to do like a TurboTax thing. But that might be to hard and could even turn away people. So in that case you could make it optional to get the Stimulus Package. Just a couple of thot’s 😉

  2. Another idea. How about the money from the sidebar ads be put into a special Thotmarket stock that gives a dividend. Of course we would all have to buy the stock but it would be kind of cool to have a regular paying stock that we could all buy into and sell.

  3. I like that idea. Anything to make ThotMarket a better place. I use it to find sites something but really, it is the virtual stock market that I enjoy. But I think the ‘option’ to file some kind of tax and get some kind of Stimulus Package fund. (If I look at things right, I might have been one the ones to get the $200.00 whitch put me in a good place, thanks Rworkman!)

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