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The biggest technical problem that has occurred so far since relaunch is due to the massive increase in traffic that we’ve experienced in a very short time. Its occurred much faster than I expected, so the site has been caught a little off-guard. Yesterday there were numerous times when the database requests exceeded the limit for a given period of time, resulting in slow no no page renders. The solution is to employ a caching strategy which reduce the database calls significantly. I’m in the process of testing the new system and hope to deploy it ASAP. I guess this is the kind of problem that it is good to have. The only bummer is that it delays the development of the next round of features a bit. There will be some changes to indices and something very cool will come of that new ‘ad’ in the right column, just under the login module. 



  1. Don’t know if this has to do with your current work but I have a problem with pending issues dropping off. Seems every once in awhile one will drop off. It just does it one at a time. They are not being executed so I know that is not the reason for them dropping. I also set them for a week at a time.

  2. It happends to me too.

  3. Thanks, I’m investigating this. If you notice any other details about the problem, let me know, either here of via the site feedback form.

  4. Will add a fact that I didn’t care to much for this function. I actually had one exercised. What happened is someone triggered the buy price of under .10. However it was someone with only a few shares. What the auto function did was purchase the cheap shares and then purchased shares above my buy price of .10.

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