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There have been a lot of questions lately about just how the dividends work. It’s very simple really. The dividends are completely funded by the money spent on comments for a given thot. When you create, buy into or out of a thot comment, the money you spend to do that is set aside as income for the thot. If the income for a thot crosses a threshold of at least $100, then a dividend payment is scheduled for that day. Dividends are distributed once per day. If there income that doesn’t trigger a dividend at the end of the day, it will rollover to the next day. so, you can use this feature to make your thot more attractive to investors, by inflating the dividend. 



  1. I think that the dividends putted onto the companies should give interests like in real companies, but to avoid abuse, it should be only for companies with lots of share holders.
    What do you guys thnk?

  2. I think the thots should earn income based on page views, of the actual link as well as the thot info page.

  3. But if they earned income based on the link views, we wouldn’t be buying stock with imaginary price, we would be buying THE stocks with imaginary money.
    But wait a minute, I LIKE THAT……….hmmmm….

  4. How about a tie in with comments cash and the market cap of the particular stock.

    Also are there going to be stock splits? I understand why you put the limitations on the number of shares of a company and requiring ownership by a thot member per share. However I don’t think it would be to much of an overload if a stock split at 100k capitalization marks. Just do 2-1 stock splits and it shouldn’t tax the system to much.

  5. Was noticing activity dropping off dramatically from the previous days. I suggest another mechanism to make money moderately. No need to go hog wild like beta 1 but something to keep people interested.

  6. Indeed, the One Way to get rich now is to quickly create and sell. Having observed things, I did it once; created a thot cheaply, made it attractive (dividends, low price) and BAM – instant income! And then the thot stagnated and fell into obscurity, as the vast majority of them do as soon as they fall off the sidebar.

    So, could I repeat it? Yes, I could, and I’d probably amass some riches and climb the ranks that way. But would it be fun? No. The second way to get rich now is to quickly invest in bubbles before they grow and burst – and dividend-making thots are invariably bubbles now, as their status depends solely on the whims of the player who wants to sell and eventually abandon them. (or maybe watch them fall, buy them back and revitalize them for another round)

    Thus, gameplay is quite narrow. Reintroducing dividends from link views would keep a bigger amount of thots vibrant, and enable a third strategy (for more than a very small amount of very “big” thots): long-term investment, something that now typically amounts to sheer gamble. To compensate for the additional Thollar infusion, tax might then need to be reintroduced as well – but this, I think, could be done well in the form of an income tax that is dynamically determined by the amount of extra currency introduced; would keep it fairly reasonable, I think.

  7. Was giving this a bit of thot and came up with what I think would be a decent solution to get more “activity” as it pertains to generating interest and possible profits. The point where Thots are de-listed has been adjusted from it previous system because of abuse. That had to be done. However capitalization is wasted now when a thot de-lists. What if when a thot de-lists the capitalization is split amongst the 10k shares and whomever holds them. This would give another dimension to the game. People would hold high capitalized stocks or you could have corporate raiders that buy up the stock and then de-list it by bringing it down to .01 cent. There would be a natural curb to stop the abuse of corporate raiders. You would have a new class of bargain raiders that would snatch up .01 stocks that have a decent capitalization thus preventing a raider from de-listing. There would be very few successful corporate raids due to the bargain hunters keeping the stock above a penny.

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