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So, we need a wordpress plug-in for ThotMarket. Do you have experience making these things? Want to make some quick thollars? Here’s an offer you can’t refuse: Create a wordpress plug-in that works. If we adopt it as an official ThotMarket plug-in, I’ll hand over 10,000 thollars (that is credit within the ThotMarket economy). At a minimum: – the plug-in must allow users to display: their thotmarket identity, and net worth, ticker symbols and stock prices of their own holdings, or any other thots that they choose. I’m willing to consider additional payouts for other features. Let me know if you have other ideas. The winning entry will be made available on and the winner will be given credit on the homepage. Contacting me through this blog post, or the feedback form on the site if you’re interested in working on it. Right now, only offering one prize, so in the event that there are more than one product produced, I will pick one winner. So, I suggest making contact with me before you start working.  


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  1. I have started working on the plugin.

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