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So we had the first significant mishap of beta 2 tonight. I inadvertedly added a source of inflation with the brilliant new moderating system I implemented today. Needless to say some money got injected into the economy that shouldn’t have. So, for at least the time being, if you are invested into a thot that gets delisted, you will lose your investment. Stocks are only delisted if they violate the posting policy. So think carefully before you invest! In a related note there was some reports of login problems tonight. This was a result of changes that were being tested. Those changes are gone, so there should be no more problems (with logins, that is. there are most definitely some other problems that need dealt with.)



  1. xD “Woops”

  2. Is there going to be a correction on the accounts that found the “bug”?

  3. Ban xKINGx?
    I’m not sure what he’s doing …but it’s obvious he’s not here to make this a better place.

  4. He is making stocks attacking myself in their name titles. You need to find a quick fix to this bug or there won’t be many beta testers left.

  5. Not to harp to much today however the top 5 all have cash that they benefited from the bug. Numbers 4 and 5 should be 0 or reset to 1000. Even after your modest correction. As for the top 3 I know they are active player accounts however their cash in bank is way to much for what they have done so far. Sounds like babysitting but the bug should be corrected in my opinion.

  6. The top 5 have changed a bit but I am mainly concerned with Orkel and Duped as they clearly didn’t earn that money the right way. I was online when all this was taking place last night and watching from the sidelines.

  7. I just lost 30k from my bank account? Why?

  8. I think that thots duplicated should be investigated.
    Maybe it should be checked if there is already a thot with the name or tag inputed by user.

    I’m getting very pissed of with this duplicated thots cause they totally ruin it. Not only they confuse investors as they also flood the market.

    May be there should be “thotmarket approved” thots. To make people choose between duplicated thots. Which would also penalize the idiot that launched a duplicated thot.

  9. If you see duplicate thots, please flag them for editorial review using the pull-down menu on the thot detail page. This will greatly speed up the process of weeding these out.

  10. erm, about the duplicated thots, some duplicated thots that came 2nd on the market are better described and linked than the first ones.
    In my opinion thots that people just randomly do and that are, let’s say “a big crap”, although those are the original ones(first to show up) they have in my eyes not as much quality has the copies that came after should be the ones to disapeer.

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