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Because of the experience in beta 1, I’m very concerned about inflation, so I’m building in all sorts of tracking and statistics that I didn’t have before. From time to time I may publish some numbers that look interesting.In case you’re interested, about  545 accounts have been accessed since Friday and the average bank balance among them is $724.02.



  1. Got some more suggestions

    1) Transfer the ownership of a Thot to the majority shareholder so they can make appropriate changes to titles or text. This would also get rid of all of the junk on my Account Management page on Thots I offered but no longer hold any stock in. It just makes overall more sense.
    2) Instead of telling who the Thot was offered by, tell who the majority shareholder is.
    3) I know it would be a heavier strain on the server, but the graphs at the bottom of the Thot details page is kinda useless right now. Thots have more up and downs than that thing can handle with only updating once a day. Something like once an hour or two would be nice.

    That’s all I have for now. Beta 2 is great, keep up the good work.

  2. I agree with 1. Similar to a system we tried out in beta 1. On 2 I think both should be listed. I’ll consider 3.

  3. Yes, both should be listed on the Thot Details page, but if it’s on one of the main pages, the majority shareholder should be in the place of the offerer.

  4. Rworkman, can you contact me on MSN? I want to tell you about a bug I have found.

  5. HuntsKikBut, I don’t have msn. can you send it via the feedback form?

  6. Ight, that works.

  7. Sent it.

  8. What IM programs do you have, rwork?

  9. How many people are experiencing log in problems

  10. Idk if it is too much to ask but I have a request 🙂
    Could it be possible to see the major shareholders of a thot.
    Like a top five shareholders of a company.

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