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Well today was a remarkably good day for thotmarket. There was a fantastic turnout of folks considering the only marketing that was done was through this blog. Nothing went terribly wrong and most people appear to be starting to get the hang of the new system. I made tweaks throughout the day as logged by my new twitter feed. Traffic was about 25% of what the site experienced on a typical day in the first public beta. I wasn’t expecting nearly that many people.  I was surprised that there was so little activity with the advanced transactions. I need to update the documentation and promote that a bit. Thanks everyone! 



  1. It would be good to be able to review the advanced transactions (it gives a count of “pending orders” but no way to view them. At your convenience, of course. It’s not a very big deal.

  2. you can review them and cancel them on you account management page, under ‘Advanced Orders’

  3. The only thing I can see that is wrong is that if a Thot is not either on the left tickers or on one of the pages, it is basically dead. People do not dig to find Thots. You should have some kind of “5 Random Thots” section on the left or something. And maybe a comment-like area that shows up on all pages where you could advertise your Thot and it is sorted like the comments are and you can still buy up / down them.

  4. Ahh.. thanks. I finally did run across it, but thanks for pointing it out.

    Another note … there should be an option to disable the logic that attempts to buy from more than one “sell price.” It really should confirm when a Buy Order runs out of sellers at the listed price.

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