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(yes, that is to say February 2008) Imagine: No taxes. No caps. No frozen stocks. No sub-prime crisis to spoil all the fun. A completely re-engineered market system will make its debut in February. 



  1. Yes! I can’t wait. This pretty much made my day. February is only a few days away!

  2. Will wel all still have our old accounts? Or will we have to make new ones?

  3. mm yes.. new or old accounts?

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    • Posted February 1, 2008 at 3:18 pm
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    finally jeezz not letting ppl in closed beta and no emails
    no notices ecept its not dead.
    way to keep ppl hyped O_O
    Absolutely poor job.
    Glad to see it back tho. =)

  4. Im hoping for new accounts. It would be much more fun to rebuild all the wealth i acclimated. The old system was pretty crappy, so it wasnt hard to get rich. I had a few trillian when i was on this last, but all you had to do was keep reinvesting. You never lost money!

  5. What day in February, im getting excited 😀


  7. Hey- Anytime you decide to relaunch the site we’ll be more than willing to start promoting it again. Hope it starts soon. Sometime VERY soon would be great.

  8. Sweetness. I thought it was great before, so if you say it’s better now… woot woot!

  9. Soooo?

  10. Please bring it back soon. Thotmarket was more addicting than crack cocaine.

  11. Hopefully there aren’t the same stocks and accounts. cause i would have something like 967million stocks on something that costed 0.02$ and then it had a raise and later it price was 3,8 million per stock. i had like… 130,000,000,000 millions?

  12. agh! sorry if that didn’t make any sense, im sleepy and i don’t speak english.

    Vote for New accounts!

  13. It’s february, where is thotmarket!

  14. Yes!

  15. Yaaayyyy!!!
    Can’t wait.
    It’ll be like Christmas in February!

  16. OH how much longer do we have to wait! I know it only says February but I presumed it was early feb. BUT, YAY its cumming back. New Accounts plz!

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