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Okay, so in the face of mounting issues and a number of updates that are half complete, I decide to take almost two weeks off from the site. Well, I didn’t really get to decide, but that’s not the issue. In any case, the site slides further out of balance, some things go negative, things start sucking, people get frustrated. Traffic is down, tempers are up, the sky is falling!

Why am I not worried? Because I’m investing for the long-term. The last month and a half have demonstrated that there is a demand for the model. If we can get the model working, people will use the site. The model doesn’t work right now, but that can be fixed. That is exciting!

I’ve updated the algorithm for calculating price moves and dividends. As stated earlier the moves are more directly based on the percentage changes of owned shares. The dividends are paid out of the market cap. Will this work? I don’t know, but we’ll find out soon.

I’ve also done a market correction. That means I slashed some holdings and balances. Sorry, but there isn’t another way to give the new systems a chance to work.

There are numerous other issues and a mountain of feedback to parse. There’s also a lot of moderation to get to. It’ll be got to.



  1. Did you have to slash share holdings in started companies to the point where the person who posted it retains 0%? If you are the thot controller you should not lose all control over a thot the number of shares available should either go down or the amount you hold should not go down as drastically (or both)

  2. Are the taxes till there?
    Any other changes beyond whats outlines in the blog?

  3. Entertaining little tidbit. While my stock Shards of Dalaya mmo was trading for millions of thollars, my net worth was $140,103,208,221,273,665,390,258,421,760, owning roughly a quintillion shares. After splitting many, many, times, I had negative some many quintillion thollars, leaving me a balance of $-23,744,721,351,424,259,002,978,009,088. After today’s update, my shares were zeroed, and now I have a net worth of ~$400,000 (I have screenshots of all but my current balance if you’re curious).

    I guess that’s what “beta” means.

  4. Also getting dividends of negative 1 quintillion thollars was unfortunate.

  5. After these corrections, I have a thot like this:

    Private owned: 10711250 (52%)
    Public owned: 87400
    Available: 0

    What’s wrong with the owned %???

  6. Yep,temp fortune cap is still on.
    Same old model.

  7. Couldn’t you have changed the total shares as well as shares owned? I just lost control of all the stocks I offered in the first place, and carefully kept 51% of.

  8. Midnite, changes need to be incremental so we can gauge the performance of each as closely as possible. I doubt that any one change will be a silver bullet. Barring unintended complications, I’ll raise the cap in the next day and see what happens. That will be the first step to eliminating it.

  9. I had a thot i created with 1 x10^18 shares while retaining 5 x10^17 +1 shares for myself. After it split i ended up with a lot of negative shares. Now after the update those shares are removed, but i have lost 90% of all my other shares as well. One thot I added of my own website I have lost control of. I nearly 99% of the shares before the update, and have less than 1% after and have lost control of 11/13 thots I had before the update. I lost all the thots I created and were most important to me as well. My networth is set back at $1million (was a little too high before perhaps, but I’m more worried about the thot’s I lost control of) and I cannot afford to buy back control of my website, nor did I intend to give up control of it.

  10. I agree with apache1990…I just got my butt kicked and lost a ton of money. My portfolio was reduced by about a factor of 10,000. I have had to go through a massive sell off of thots just to get my ownership of my thots back up to 50%. In some cases, I’m quite screwed due to the number of the shares on the market at a high price with my number of shares reduced to near nothing in comparison. The open shares should have been reduced accordingly. A market correction is one thing, but this was ridiculous.

  11. i’m interested as what changes will make it possible to remove taxes? The Marketcap payment system seems not enough for it(today).Is there any changes you planning to do and want to disclose?

  12. Well in my opinion you should slashed the available shares of thot in a company proportional to the amount of shares of thots lost in that company by the owner. Now were are left with quintillions of shares of thots that we can’t afford.

  13. lol, funny stuff.. i own 0% share in almost all my stocks now.. on the bright side the windfall tax is going to be almost a nonexistent problem.

    the shit should probably be taken down and reworked.. there are plenty of bugs and problems that continued public testing is’nt required.. the system should be frozen and fixed.. then reopened so new bugs can be found.

    beta or not no one wants to amass or work twords gaining stocks and money only to have it striped away.. the tax was quite enough on it’s own but not even shares are safe.

    i understand the site is not final yet.. but by beta stage massive corrections should not be required, this is more like alpha stage with super bugs running rampant.. by beta most of the stuff should be worked out and resemble the final product less some final touch up and obscure bugs.. he ones on this site are rampant and obvious.

    i had already lost interst in beating the tax over a week ago, not even spending the 1bl after taxes.

    midnite is probably one of the few that has both the means & will to recover from this.. i have no will for this.. so i give full blessing to buy, taking over, and doing what you will with my (atm controlled) stocks.

    the site is interesting and i wish it the best in the future.. i’ll check back in a month or so.. but for now.. i think im all but finished with the site.

  14. “will to recover from this.” Its not will.I play just because i like the game, alot of free time+patience.
    (i simultaneously play a few web games like thotmarket)
    usual players don’t like to buy hundreds of stocks per hour(and lack insight into site economics).I doubt anything besides recreating an account each day would me make stop playing.

  15. Yep, 0% stock in my shares. That’s funny. I’ll just check back on this site in a month or so, good luck and so on. Methinks some serious rethinking and reworking is needed around here.

  16. I meant 0% shares in my stocks, of course. 🙂

  17. Yeah, I thought the windfall taxes and fortune caps were annoying, but to have my entire portfolio trashed in a misguided (and, as I am predicting, ultimately futile) attempt to ‘fix’ the game is the last straw.

    I’m not hanging around to find out what new and amusing ways you can think up to punish success.

  18. I went from 21 Trillion networth to 1 billion networth, this is the worst update yet!

  19. Yeah. I got slaughtered, too. I controlled over 450 thots, most were my own IPO’s. I have no clue how many quintillions it would take for me to maintain control over even a third of them. Time to start over from scratch (for the third time.) Thank goodness it’s just a game!

  20. My money! I had quintillions and now im back down to 2 billion. 😦 My heart cant take much more of these shannnanigans.

    Oh and how about a scroeboard, make it a little more competitive? Like a ranking to get the most money. It would be neat to know i am the 560th richest member on this site.

    Also, how about money transfer? Like having the ability to give other members money? I know some of my friends play on the thotmarket and it would be nice to bargain with them, or help them get started or whatever. Just a thought…

  21. Massive gains are possible apparently …..
    NUCLEAR (10000 shares) $306.06 +817715658.66

    So this was trading at -$817715352.60 at one point ?! Me thinks not ….

  22. I am trying to figure out this whole thing (been playing for two weeks) The first week, I went from 1k to 8 trillion in two days. Last week, I trimmed my stuff and got down to 4 trillion. Now this market correction happened (I am all for improvements) and I got 4 new controlling thots, 950 million net worth and only one stock paying out dividends. Which doesn’t make sense since i only invest in stocks with dividends. Could someone explain that to me? Thanks.

  23. I’ll have to ask:will the shares will be % slashed again
    if we accumulate too much?
    How much is safe investment in thot which will not be reduced? From the market correction it seems its about ~1 Million,but i’m not sure.I’m going to waste alot of time buying the same stocks all over again(and very slowly) >.<

  24. “I’ll raise the cap in the next day”
    Well,its still there and i’m losing 150-1000 Millions each cycle.What are these “unintended consequences”?

  25. Correction:its only when i miss 4-5 cycles they accumulate to 1 Billion,and i start losing dividends.

  26. I think the new formula is quite flawed. Not only are we seeing incorrect percentages displayed under controlled thots, the price increase on thots I believe are reflecting the amount of dividends paid out and not an actual per share increase. Also, I have a thot that I keep adding shares to since it keeps selling out. I have added at least 100 million shares that stayed public and have all sold, but the thot has still been stuck at 0.01. I think it was at 0.04 when I started to added shares and has gone down with the purchases. This makes no sense to me. Anyone else seeing anything like this?

  27. 1.DIGG thot is actually too much increase in price so it stops.
    2.There should be functionality to filter frozen thots from
    all lists not just active list.
    3.Its seems that i don’t get dividends if i’m controlling shareholder.Is this just temporary lack of dividends or its
    intended effect?

  28. I’ve been getting dividends on DIGG…I never really intended to control it, I was just looking for penny stocks to purchase and ended up with it. I have been seeing a couple weird returns like

    RETURN DIGG -0.00

    Really, I haven’t seen much movement at all in thots…maybe a penny here and there…it is hard to tell with all the +124567.98 type stuff. I find it funny the program can’t do simple math correctly.

  29. it’s dead jim.

    went from getting a 100 billion in dividends every few hours to a million a day, and only from one thot which isn’t on the top of any lists, yet no dividends from thots that rank very highly.

    have 1% ownership is thots I had over 50% ownership in with no chance of getting 50% back.

    way to spoil the fun

  30. Well…I know this is just for fun and all…and I find it amusing to say the least…but I have noticed that I have not received any dividends for my thot I have stock in 4 days.

    This graph says it all.
    Perhaps i spend too much time here. >.<

  32. You can’t just “make” a stock market by trial and error.

    No matter what “model” you try and implement, this site will always be open to abuse and stock manipulation. It can never work the way you intended.

    As long as there are obsessive weirdos like MidniteNeko around, there will always be a minority prepared to break whatever system you put in place so that they “win” and amass huge fortunes.

  33. Trying to get back into things, but the share figures are all wrong again – not get recorded right. For instance one controlled thot says – Private owned: 950,001 (17%) – public owned: 720,763 – avail: 150,000. It’s clearly wrong. The private share is over 50%. There are others like this. I also have sold all my shares in a stock with others owning some, but it still says I am the controller. With 0% stock. Something’s wrong.

  34. From checking in about 10 days ago, I’ve lost about 100 trillion shares and currently possess about 3 million shares total equating to 9 million dollars net worth.

    This shouldn’t happen.

    I was worth a trillion at last check. That’s a trillion from non-controlled thots, thanks. When the beta is over, I expect a complimentary 1 quintillion in my account, since that’s about what I lost due to god knows what.

  35. I’ve lost a tonne of thollars too, but it actually makes things interesting again.

    Here’s a thot not to be sniffed at. Regarding Thotmarket itself.

  36. “If this were really true, high-priced Thots with a lot of shares available would become a fantastic place for high-rollers to throw their money before the cap hits,” (from your blog post)
    High-priced thots are subject to major fluctuations and you can’t really invest in them unless you have many quintillions to spare.You wouldn’t trust a thot with e.g. 300$ to hold half your capital if it drops to 0.08 next day.

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