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Things are delayed, but if you’ve visited the site recently you already know that. Life intrudes, but things will get moving again sooner than later.



  1. first post

    and there is a very tiny ui issue with the quick trade script. click it and a dialogue slides down. clicking it again should make it slide up. (ie sometimes i’d like to buy some shares in thots i already own, i click the quick trade but there is no buy button, probably frozen. so to make things tidy i click it again to slide it back up…but it slides down again)

  2. Is there a bug with controlling owners losing shares if idle for 24 hours? I’ve aquired few thots recently that show a public share balance that is negative. I was wondering if the previous owner had shares that were sold off and an error did not put them on the market, but made them negative shares instead.

  3. Thot: FCPU, $1398.31, -11186.72
    ( Put this ticker on your site )

    You own: -1727809213693952000 shares
    ($-2416012901600390021120.00 valuation)

    some kinda buggy there

  4. Stop the god damn cap already. My net worth shrunk down from over 100 trillion to 200 billion (yes, with a b) over the course of just a few days! To make shit worse, I’M GETTING OVER A TRILLION IN DIVIDENDS EVERY HOUR AND STILL LOSING MONEY! CHANGE IT ASSHOLE!

  5. Meh, I lost over a quadrillion of dividends today,its the stock crash bug that cost me 30 quadrillion that annoyed me somewhat.

  6. Motley – Relax. This is not life. I was at minus (yes, minus) sextillions of dollars at one point and I’m losing QUINTILLIONS of dollars with each dividend payout. This is a BETA. If you can’t handle it, please leave but do not start calling the site’s designers names.

  7. i have’nt bought or sold stock in 3 days.. whats the point?
    stocks continue to crash to 1 cent anyway.. what will be will be im stick of baby sitting my bank account.

  8. My account now was 20 quadrillion dollars in it… About 200 times more than all of money that currently exists in the real world. πŸ™‚

    I was able to do it by buying a whole bunch of one of those stocks that mysteriously crashed to a penny, and then watched it go back to $400 the next morning. The sad thing is that the stock will probably go back to a penny tomorrow, and I’ll be back to just having a few billion dollars in my account. If the real stock market was one tenth this volatile, nobody would invest in it!

    What’s sad is that there are other players out there who still have exponentially more money than I do! This game is getting REALLY silly.

  9. I have stopped investing as well. These constant stock crashes where the dividends are negatives, just eat away at my money slowly. There is no point investing when you will end up more in debt than you started.

  10. I’ve been fluctuating between $12 and 24 quintillion over the past 24 hours. I have to work alot harder in making money than I did before. Usually when I’m posting a thott, I’m wiped out hundreds of trillions of dollars before I have the chance to add a link. Otherwise, I’d be worth (at the least) an octillion or so. Too much for the system to calculate anyway.

    This game has an awesome premise, but do everyone a favor and drop the fortune cap. I don’t care if you take away all my money. I just don’t want to constantly lose all my money any more. For the love of god.

  11. aside from the fact the dividends need to be refactored
    with respect to investments(~ 1/100 to 1/40 of investement),
    There should be a timer which shows where in the dividend cycle game is e.g.
    Its 7.08 minutes to the next dividend payment.

  12. Weeell… IANAE (I am not an economist), but it seems to me that the biggest problem with using a stock market as a metaphore is that in a real stock market, you need buyers as well as sellers. In this game (well, it really is more of a game than it is anything else is in its current incarnation), the buyers (when you sell stock) are artificial! What this means is that there will always be someone willing to “buy” your shares when you dump them for 25 times the value after buying them cheap, after which of course the value will drop back down.

    If this is to resemble an actual stock market, what is needed is a system to put up stocks for sale as well as flag an interest in buying stocks. Example:
    Neko wants to buy 100 shares in STOCKA. The person who started STOCKA is offering shares for $.05, so Neko happily buys 100 shares for a total of $5. A couple of days later, all the shares are gone/bought, and Neko wants to sell the shares for a profit. He puts them up for sale, and because the stock has been popular, he sets an asking price for $5 per share. Now he needs to wait until a buyer comes along willing to buy the shares!

    In the mean time, Cat is looking to buy shares in STOCKA. First she checks STOCKA, and sees that Neko is offering shares for $5. She doesn’t think the shares are worth this much, and instead chooses to put in an offer to buy 50 shares at a price of $4.50. She pays the money upfront, and can at any time choose to withdraw or change the offer.

    After a while, Neko checks back, and sees that no-one has bought his shares. 😦 However, Cat is offering to buy some shares, and there is another public offer from Desu to buy 75 shares at $4. Neko, now desperate to get money to invest in up-and-coming stock CATNIP, decides to sell all his shares – half to Cat, who’s only interested in 50 shares, and the remaining to Desu for the slightly lower price.

    There. No more extremely volatile stock market, at the cost of a slightly heavier (but more realistic) system. πŸ˜€

    (As for me, I made some 20 billion in three or four days, after which I lost all but 5 due to the temp fortune cap about two minutes after selling a suddenly very overpriced stock of which I owned 20%. It was the MidnightNeko effect. Yeah, this system is broken and not very fun.)

  13. Just had a bug hit me for the second time. All my shares in a thot went into the negative for no apparent reason. Then, when the site updated, they were deleted!

  14. Its from stock overflow:if you own more then 9.22e18 stocks they get to negative.
    It happens often when you have alot of stock and the stock splits,doubling the shares.
    e.g. you own 5e18 stocks,and they split to 10e18
    which is above 9.22e18,and you get -0.8e18 stocks.

  15. Let me know when the game is fixed, since it’s too flaky to be worth playing at the moment, 😦

  16. It’s not really supposed to be purely a game you know.

  17. the pages with stocks could include more stocks per page,(it could be a preference) like 20,50 and 100 stocks per page.Its slow to load all the pages one by one.

  18. So I haven’t been buying or selling much (if anything) for a while. My savings have been low for a few days. Circa 300m. I didn’t question why – thought it might be an adjustment to the system. Then today I see my savings have gone down overnight. All by itself. Looking at the history I see a MAJOR problem. Weekly Windfall tax of over $1 billion.

    I don’t think savings should be taxed at all. If you insist on it then either lift the $1 billion fortune cap, or temporarily disable the windfall tax until the system isn’t in insanely high figures.

    You can’t tax someone over $1bn when they can only save a total of $1bn.

  19. I havent really been trading for about a week either. It’s pointless until y’all fix the system, but I keep coming back because I love the premise.

    Please update us soon on what you’re doing to repair the economy and drop the Fortune Cap. Otherwise I’m probably gonna stop coming around soon…

  20. Please get rid of the god damn fortune cap.

  21. Hey just a quick wish that you’ll all stop being retarded and buy reasonable amount of a stock. It goes up but 1c each time someone buys the stock and down by 1 each time someone sells it. So if you buy all of a stock YOU DONT MAKE ANYTHING.

  22. I just thought of something that was brought up as a bug and changed, but doesn’t make sense…thot owners not getting returns for buying their controlled thots. It takes money out of the system. Here is an example:

    Say I start a thot with 100 shares @ $1 a share. I make 49 public to retain control. I have spent $100. Someone buys the 49 outstanding shares @ $1 a share. I have a return of $49 plus $51 in stock…I’m still even. Being a good owner, I want my thot to florish, but still maintain control. Assuming no pricing changes at this point, I spend another $100 to add 100 more public shares. Then, to maintain control, I must purchase 50 of those shares. Someone else then buys the other 50. Now, I have a total of $101 in stock @ $1 a share (assuming no price increase) and $99 in returns for the other two sales. However, I spent $100 @ IPO, another $100 for share increase plus $50 to maintain control via purchase. $250 in investments with $200 cash and stock value. It doesn’t make much sense to me. If I received the $50 return, then I break even on the investment. Either that, or, like at IPO, allow the thot controller to add shares and only make a portion public. Therefore, they don’t essentially pay for the stock twice.

    Except storing thollars safely from windfall tax.

  24. That’s not something you make though. You can make your own if you want it for that reason. Not only does it have a greater potential for profit that way, but you can store an unlimited amount of money in your own stock.

  25. “an unlimited amount of money in your own stock.”
    Only in the case someone else buys it.
    If no one has shares there its delisted for “Zero market cap”.If you buys others stocks,You can be sure at least the owner has some shares.

  26. It’s not hard to start stocks that attract at least one or two other buyers.

    Andy makes a valid point of what the system currently can’t handle though. Maybe share prices should be linked only to click throughs. That way people can’t raise the value by buying their own stock. It would fit in more with the ‘perceived quality of social bookmarks’ idea too. A popular link would rise in value, attract more money, high market cap. Fad dies, investors bail, price drops. If dividends came from the market cap (based on clicks/number of investors/other?), as clicks and investment lower, stock would drop down the list gradually. New fad comes along. Repeat.

    It’s the dividends payments without high inflation that cause me the headache. Tough maths without a test.

    Just thinking out loud.

  27. Surely if the market cap was made of two figurs. 1) a tally of all the money spent on shares (which may or may not reduce as people sell their shares). 2) For every click through add 10 times the current value of the shares. Dividends for the investors would be solely paid out of this money. All click through money is stored and divided between the investors at regular intervals. Split according to the percentage of shares they hold of the total.

    And as for controlling sharehoders. Currently the returns are a little odd. Why not just have them receive 1% (or whatever is more appropriate) of the price anyone pays for that stock. Instead of going to the market cap, it goes to the thot owner.

    Damn. I may as well go and start my own site at this rate. lol.

  28. “I may as well go and start my own site at this rate. lol.”
    You severely underestimate the amount of manual work required to run and improve such a site.

    And i agree with link popularity being the better indicator then stocks operations.
    Anyone with a few trillions can drive any stock price into orbit just by buying it in 1 million chunks all day.

  29. Just joking. Come on MN, smile a little. It’s not all cold cut business. πŸ™‚

  30. “Come on MN, smile a little. It’s not all cold cut business.”
    Its a game,but its ‘serious’ game.And i would look silly if i
    speak irrelevant things in the blog.Just because i play,doesn’t means i’m playing for the entertainment,its playing for the win(or some record).
    There less then 1% good links in the site which i would click.I use my bookmarks instead or browse digg/reddit/del.ici.ous etc.

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