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We will be soon trying out a new dividend system to help bring sanity back to the market (as if it was ever there to begin with). The new system will involve paying for dividends out of the market capitalization of a thot. This way dividends will be paid without injecting more money into the system. Along with this will be a new method for calculating shifts in trading price that will be more accurate and hopefully avoid the wild swings that have been all too common lately. There may be a change in the fortune cap as well.

As part of this transition, a manual market correction will likely occur. This means that trader’s holdings as well as their bank balances may be changed. I know that sucks, but it may be necessary to provide a meaningful tests of the new systems. I know you know the site is beta, so I won’t–wait I just did. This sort of thing is needed to ensure that the final launch version of the site works well.



  1. absolutely what was needed- some people are going to be miffed, but a more realistic economic model will make the site much more understandable and enjoyable.

  2. Sounds good to me.

  3. Good deal… I’m glad to find out that my stocks aren’t going to go from $400 a share to 1 cent overnight anymore because some quintillionaire decided to mess with it 🙂

  4. The fortune cap needs to be raised badly, I have lost far more then I am worth and that is not a small sum considering I am worth $317,930,333,312,441,472

  5. “quintillionaire decided to mess with it”
    actually i don’t mess with any stocks.I just buy them in bulk.i rarely even look at the stocks i bought,and some people complain i don’t add shares.I won’t add shares to
    1000 stocks simply because i don’t want to waste that much time.

  6. dividends out of the market capitalization of a thot.
    doesn’t this means they will run out as the stock freezes?

  7. worse. since market cap is the sum of all the money invested in the stock (well, not *really*, but it is how much you’d get if everyone sold their stock at once) minus those of the TC, there’s really no point investing…

  8. a1s there is still profit if you sell the shares.
    I mean when the stock freezes:either
    A.The market free shares at 0,stop giving dividends.
    B.The dividends are still made,but lower share price,due decrease of market cap.No shares are removed.
    C.The dividends are made without changing the price and depends on market cap as statistic.
    D.Shares are removed and their price goes to dividends.
    Market cap decreases.

  9. in D, who are the shares taken form? a random investor? equaly from everyone (how would that work?)?or solely from the Thot Controller (who allready pays twice for his stock)?

  10. There should not be Active list,but an option to show
    only active thots in each list.

  11. D is probably thot controller shares(getting all/random investors to lose shares to gain dividends is absurd).
    This is just an example.I don’t know how it would be implemented.

  12. how is getting the investors to lose shares absurd, but the TC not absurd?
    If we all own th stock we should all pay the price (proportionaly).

    anyways the way I see it B is the only real way to go( C doesn’t fit the description, and A is just silly).
    also, I suspect that that is what will happen even if the stock is *not* frozen. whcih brings me to my original point: why get your money back piece-by-piece when you can just keep it?

  13. All these schemes are worthless anyway with taxes.
    Taxes make any stocks an worthy investment,
    I prefer the option of getting the money out of the system by providing stable alternative to storing money in stocks.Here is system which would stop the money stocks. Create a list of top 100 gem owners for each type of gem(red,blue,yellow,white,green).
    This will promote competition and draw the money from stocks.
    People could purchase and sell gems by stable value:
    10^6 thollars per red gem
    10^12 thollars or 10^6 red gems per blue gem
    10^18 thollars or 10^12 red gems or 10^6 blue gems for 1 yellow gem
    10^18 red gems or 10^12 blue gems or 10^6 yellows gems for 1 white gem
    10^18 blue gems or 10^12 yellows gems or 10^6 white gems for 1 green gem(which worth roughly 10^30 thollars).since no one would get more then 10^(6-8) green gems because of profit/balance limit at 10^18,it would work forever,gems would not be use din economy and the stocks list would be less dependant on purely economic factors such as price,available shares,and more by link popularity(the gems would be more stable then stocks as investement).

  14. the gems could be named (with some small picture overhead for graphics) : red=ruby,white=diamond,green=emerald,yellow=amber,blue=topaz
    and shows in user stats.

  15. maybe instead of dividends/returns users could have gems as bonus.
    they would have to manually sell them to get the thollars
    and there could be a limit of gems (equivalent to 1billion) /hour to be sold
    and anything above that is restricted.
    that way capital is not taxed,but cannot be used that much.e.g.
    user A get 5 Billion dividends,
    however instead he get 5000 red gems(each worth million),
    and he could only sell 1000 red gems per hour.

  16. Of course exchanging gems for other types of gems should be unlimited.(that would also increase competition for highest amount of gems in the list (of 100 top owners)).And people could send gems as gifts(with some limits per hour probably).
    Its much more acceptable then just send thollars.

  17. There aren’t enough shares available to complete this order. The maximum purchase that can be placed right now is 0 shares.

    This when i get sometime when buying share on active list.(i order buy more then possible,it just doesn’t shows the number of shares to buy)

    There aren’t enough shares available to complete this order. The maximum purchase that can be placed right now is 10600784 shares.

    This is what shows when i buy from the thot.

  18. dont fully understand what you’re gonna do but if no more money is being generated wont it reduce everyone to pump’n dump stocks? making off with investors thollars?

    i also dont understand how it’s going to pay dividends from market cap..

  19. i’m sure that the dividends taken from market capitalization is from the overall market capitalization, and not an individual- it would go toward stock price in the equation.

    this isn’t ‘the legend of zelda’, or some ‘the sims’ game, fictional ‘gems’ have no place within this concept. maybe after we buy all the ‘gems’, we could buy better swords….

    gems wouldn’t take money out of the system- they would only act as a storage device for thollars- if the gems were to be, in any way, redeemable for more thollars, you have done nothing but store the thollars for a time.

  20. I would buy a sword even it was 1 quadrillion thollars.
    Its just cool.Virtual items that could traded between players would be popular.Stocks by themself are boring and consist of purely statistical numbers and base off single concept:
    stock is link to something cool(not always) which makes
    it more interesting.

  21. The game needs gems or items to be less dull and repetitive.
    Here is the scheme by which most investors play:
    Buy shares >>get dividends and returns>>buy more shares
    >>more thots controlled>>more dividends and returns>>buy shares
    Players stats are not shown anywhere,so there is no point to have money just for the numbers(its for investing only) and having them on balance is stupid(with taxes,you can’t store money in thollars).
    The purpose of having more money is supposed to be a reward for good investment but there is nothing but buy shares again.
    Comments can be bought with 0.01 and thot control doesn’t makes you anything special besides return of thollars(changing authors thot text is silly).

  22. I agree with lemurlemur, we don’t need gems or other ‘items’ to store our thollars in. The fun part is reinvesting your money in stocks… not storing them in a safe item like a gem. Let’s work on making the stock part better (more stable would be a good start)… not turning this into a WoW type game with trading ‘rare’ items!

  23. Game?

  24. to keep thinks moving, controlling thotters should have half their dividend put back in the thot as added shares to stop kill joys like MidniteNeko from killing thots. Either that, or their taxed amount as added shares. That will give others a chance of investing, if not gaining control, and if the controlling thotter is interested in remaining in control, they will have to buy more shares, tying up some of their money they use for evil.

  25. Of course success=evil.
    The purpose of the site is to have 1000 thollars and buy 1 share per stock only.All the dividends should be distributed equally to every member of the commune.
    Also the stocks price should reflect party line,not what any such capitalists say.

    I’m against frozen shares as concept.i’m however not going to micromanage every one of my 1400 stocks just because the system is flawed enough to allow such monopolizations of shares.

  26. Where’s the fun in controlling 1000s of thots and never looking at them again? your success is spoiling it for others. fun.

  27. The purpose is to accumulate net worth through investment.More thollars in dividends in returns.
    There is no other purpose on the site(in gameplay).
    Creating links is done for the same goal.

  28. i think one fundamental points of the site is to expose people to websites, articles, and things of interest on the web and invest in them with thollars as a means of supporting that idea or site. if someone posts something you are interested in- you invest in it- if you aren’t interested in it- don’t.

    if the developer merely wanted to make a stock exchange simulation, i don’t think this would be the result.

  29. to expose people to websites, articles, and things of interest on the web and invest in them with thollars as a means of supporting that idea or site.

    that point misses the fact,that support is unequal from the start,with larger support giving more “Boost”.
    To get more support,you need more thollars bringing us back to the goal of accumulating wealth.
    Since thollars are needed always (to the support) the
    incentive is to accumulate as many as possible.
    And the process of accumulation involves mass investing in stocks you do not support,thus negating the “fundamental point” you bring to light.

    To expose people to your site more,you can’t do anything beside creating a thot.Creating many thots would be equated with spamming and they would be delisted.

  30. >Howerev I’m not going to micromanage avery one of my 1400 stocks.
    it’s very simple: don’t want the headache? sell! you do realize that for the last week frozen thots were losing value just by being frozen? it’s true, so you were long money anyway. if you sell on the hour, you will hae plenty of time to find a new place to invest.

    also, while the goal of this site was to promote intersting websites, I think we can all agree that Idea went down the drain by now (although I do occasionally find interesing stuff, so maybe it’s not completely lost).

  31. “it’s very simple: don’t want the headache?”
    I don’t have to micromanage,i don’t have any “headache”.
    the idea that i have to micromanage other stocks is because other players think i should do.I just ignore it.

  32. >I just ignore it.
    exactly. you ignore everyone. And then you wonder why people say “success=evil”. it is largely because of you that sectilionares* (sextilionaries? you know, people with >10^18 of money) have a bad name, you know.

    *or however much you have by now.


  34. exactly. you ignore everyone.
    I play by the rules.The is no restriction on amount of shares i can own.I don’t have to add shares.
    I don’t have to answer comments.
    Player who want to add shares should note if the stock is monopolized its removed from market.
    Meaning there shares there but they are already bought.

    I seriously doubt i own more then 15% of total capital in the economy.There are alot of rich players,and you do not have to single me out.

  36. >I play by the rules.
    I didn’t claim you weren’t playing it right. just that you weren’t playing it with us.

    >you don’t have to single me out.
    It’s not me, really, it’s everyone. You will notice that you have pretty much become the symbol of the evil rich thot broker. (which isn’t necesarily a bad thing- you’re famous!)

  37. “evil rich thot broker”
    Only by design.Thot controller feature and frozen shares make
    me seem evil and uncaring capitalist >.<
    I wish the gems would be implemented so i would
    not have to invest in stocks to store money,
    That way no one would complain about me monopolizing
    the active thots.I would just keep gems and invest sparingly in few thots.

  38. on gems.
    I’m not for or against that Idea (“on the fence”, I think is the idiom). but I think it would fit the setting more if it was “real estate”, not “gems”. note that this is just a comsetic change, not a technical one.

  39. they could be called yens,pesos,government bonds or anything you think of.Name isn’t as important as the concept.

  40. not to me, or, you but:

    >this isn’t ‘legend of Zelda or some ‘the sims” game, fictional gems have no place within this concept.

    Names matter.

  41. its not that hard to become a quadrillionaire now.
    (actually it was harder before the stock changes).
    Hate my success? you can become one.
    just buying all the cheapest non-frozen stock for the dividends would provide enough starting cashflow to build an impressive portfolio from 1000 thollars(however it need to be diversified and not concentrated on single stock). To get start up capital
    do this,buy a new cheap stock with potential with 5-10% of capital,then buy next stock with 5-10% of current capital,and so on.after few dividends cycles,
    the process continues.The capital would increase
    exponentially if you sell stocks with high profit to reinvest in other cheaper stocks.
    e.g.suppose I have 5 billion thollars(in reality i can spend much more).I invest 1 Billion in one stock which would certainly rise from 0.02 to at least 0.50
    In the process my capital invested would multiply by x25 giving 25 Billions from 1(with taxes 22.5B).
    I now sell this stock to buy another,cheaper stock.
    This way you can accumulate unlimited wealth(with unlimited patience of course).

  42. Ok. I now offically hate the fortution cap. I just lost 350 trillion thollars.

  43. Troll comments for $999999999990000000.00 (! Best way to invest!

  44. Anon,how does that comment equates trolling?
    I express my honest opinion about 4chan,and archived threads on the 4chanarchive site.
    They suck.The “epic” and “legendary threads” are just sad,social misfit jokes.Have you read any of the threads saved on 4chan archive? Do you have any perspective beyond 4chan memes? They are 99% total mindless crap.

  45. This may be long, but I want to point out what I think needs to be done to get Thotmarket on track.

    I think Thotmarket should be a way of seeing the longterm trends of popularity and interest in websites. Also a way of getting new (or small) sites noticed. Fad sites will rise and fall quickly, but the favourites will have stability. Also it should be a bit of fun. The current system does now allow this.

    MidniteNeko is the perfect example of what the Thotmarket trading system needs to overcome. He is the Big Bad in all of us, and must be controlled (sorry MN, but it’s true). It’s human nature to hoard and succeed at all costs.

    1. It is far too easy to make money. I’ve made tonnes of thollars by controlling a Thot and simply increased the shares, reinvested, spread the money, repeat, rinse, repeat. Cut the dividends right back. Whatever percentage/figures are being used is too high.

    2. I think you’re underestimating the number of users that will need to be catered for. Make it work for at least a million users. If a million users all want to buy 100 shares in a popular stock it should be possible early on. Therefore it should be easy for a new player to start a Thot with at least 100m stocks available, but the dividends received from those shares should be very small to curb massive earnings. Stock price will also need to rise slowly to avoid massive bailouts soon after a thot starts.

    3. Controlling a Thot should involve very little. This is a tough one. Adding shares maybe should be more difficult. So it’s easy to start a Thot with enough shares to trade well (there should probably be a minimum requirement). But harder to add shares – maybe that costs twice the share value or more? This could stop the easy investments from create, buy, create.

    4. Keep the thollar system closed. The main way (if not the only way) new money should enter the system is by new accounts. This would create lower inflation (except for the very start of course), and the necessary winners and losers (instead of all winners). Lots of losers will simply start another account anyway and try to play better. Thus more money enters. Setting the amount to start with will be important. Enough to start a few thots and invest in a few more. The site needs to grow at a similar rate to how many decent weblinks appear each day. Think about how many links being added a day makes sense, and how over a million users could handle that load without the mass hyper-inflation we see today.

    5. The system by which the share prices rise and fall is looney tunes. I can’t work it out, I don’t know how the real stockmarket works either. But this is all over the place, and bugged. The vast amounts of money and shares are making it hard see. Fix that first and then maybe the prices will stabilize a little more. Still bugged though. And a frozen stock shouldn’t fall so fast. Does it fall at all? Perhaps it affects dividends?

    6. The number of clicks a Thot gets should be relevant, as well as the investments people make in them. Some big sites won’t need to be clicked as people know what it is – eg Google/Facebook etc. So clicks should be a second in importance. Being able to list the most clicked thots would be a good indicator of things currently new and popular.

    6. De-regulate. If the system works, then there should be as few artificial controls as possible. No fortune cap or tax on savings. I like the idea of the tax to stop people selling an hour after they buy – that is useful.

    7. 4% shares taken for not logging in for one day. Too much. People have lives outside of the internet. Must be at least 10 days, and a smaller percentage. It won’t take long for the compound effect to free up enough shares for a new controller. These changes need to be incremental to avoid more chaos.

    8. Charging for comments. Bad idea. You want to encourage as much free interaction between users as possible.

    Without trying to plan the site from scratch myself I can’t find all the answers, but I’m sure that you need to be able to look at a list like this one and be sure that you have an answer for everything. Basically, if you can’t manage a million MidniteNekos playing the market, then Thotmarket will remain in chaos.

    Very important. When this comes out of beta, hit the reset button. Take the money away. Maybe give all the beta users five times the startup capital as a thank you, but that’s it. You might even have to reset during beta to test any new system changes. All the mega-quint-trillion-billions of thollars around now will skew things. It’s a hard call to make.

    It’s a worthwhile site and could be very popular – but at the moment a lot needs fixing.

  46. million MidniteNekos playing the market.
    o.o i don’t think you see the purpose of the game.
    Its exactly to play the market.Buy and get more money.Any other goal leads to it.
    If you want to promote your site with alot of shares?Money
    If you want to support some other thot or increase its market cap? Money.
    everything revolves around economics,the thots are an abstraction on top of the system.
    In simple words:
    The virtual stock exchange site aspect overrides the
    link aggregator aspect.Its by design.

  47. The site has already established the precedent where thot owners who do not log into the site daily lost 4% control of their stock. Perhaps the same standard, applied to thots where the owners do not ad stock daily, would open things up a bit.

  48. @MidniteNeko

    If you look at post 1 on this blog it clearly says the site is intended to be a social bookmarking site. The money making is a way to make it more fun for users and stand out from the crowd.

    Yes – to make money is an objective or else you cannot take part. However, that is not the only objective. The current design is flawed, so many people simply resort to the easy money making and little else. It is oddly easy isn’t it? To the point of being both boring and infuriating (in light of the fortune cap). This is not a good sign. If you wanted to play a simulated stock market you already said there are others that are more accurate out there. This is clearly different.

    I’m being hard on the site because it could be great but needs work. This is beta.

  49. Its boring because the system is very simplistic
    shares/thollars/invest/create.Its not realistic or novel(the site as a whole is novel).
    Nothing much to do.

    Its infuriating because the builtin limits contradict the purpose of investment and dividends.Plus they can be easily evaded by putting money into storage stocks.
    And if you fast enough you can buy before the fortune cap reduces your capital(and it sometimes leads to negative balance on account)

  50. I have to agree with MN, it would be nice to have a way to store money without buying up stocks constantly, and get rid of the temp fortune cap.

    Despite the fact “gems” sounds kiddy, does it really matter, its fun. If you want to go play a serious virtual stockmarket, try something based on the nasdaq or lse, like virtual trader. Adding a certain competitive element to this, with some form of storage type, be it bonds, gold bullian or gems might alleviate some of the pressure, it would also add a goal to increasing wealth.

    I do think however that by setting a minimum price of $2 on initial stocks, would discourage the rapid increase in wealth that being able to set something at just 1c and easily max the system out, before making ridiculous returns.

  51. “I do think however that by setting a minimum price of $2 on initial stocks, would discourage the rapid increase in wealth that being able to set something at just 1c and easily max the system out, before making ridiculous returns.”

    That’s a good idea. And I agree with MN that buying possessions with spare thollars would be a fun extra. I’d like to see the system as a whole fixed first though.

  52. system needs a major rework specially with the max amount of money allowed in the account at a time.

  53. biddy, that’s a good idea- many companies need to buy back stock in a reverse split to stay active on many markets due to ‘junk status’ prices (what people call penny stocks, or nickle stocks). setting a high minimal price would also require much, much more money to be invested over the stock’s run when shares are added to the thot. maybe even a higher minimum price than 2 thollars.

  54. looks like that was stormseekers idea, but yes it is a good one.

  55. If you added the ability to add shares for .02 cents but a starting price of $2 that would help drain money from the system. BUT you would need to divide the 2$ to all shareholders better. Because right now every penny into a stock goes directly to the Owner. (try it get on another account and buy $1000 of a stock you own and you get $1000). Horrible idea since the owner doesn’t get 100% profit in real life. (could also use that system to take money out of system. say temporarily put 99 percent of money into accounts and remove the other 1%)

  56. Just set dividends as 1% of shares price and returns as
    3% of share price and you will not need any windfall taxes.Taxes are just wrong solution.

  57. PLEASE take away the fortune cap. I’ve literally lost quadrillions of dollars over the past 24 hours, and it really makes me not want to play this game anymore.

    It seems like it’s become a competition of who can most effectively hit the refresh button to invest their dividends, and who can guess which stocks wont crash to penny stocks at your whim. NOT FUN.

  58. Simple as this:
    share prices below 1.00= 0 dividends
    share prices 1.00-2.00 =0.01 dividend
    shares prices 2.00-3.00=0.02 dividend etc
    The limit on number of shares cause negative markecap,owned shares,and available shares on the market when they overflow 9.22e18 shares(in case of splits). There is another issue: Some stocks incorrectly calculate prices,causing them to rise into thousands and millions.I see them on top.php often.

  59. Windfall tax???, ive not seen a windfall tax for ages, all i see are temp fortune caps constantly costing me more money than the US GDP, such as when someone (despite the cap) bought $55trillion worth of stocks, of which i lost $55trillion of cash.

    Get rid of the damn fortune cap! Get some other method to store cash.

  60. Temp fortune cap=windfall tax renamed.

  61. ya know.. before we start monkeying with things like this maybe we should get rid of the stock crash bug..

    SHARKY $0.01 -241.40

    if not a bug what logical reason would a stock lose almost it’s entire value while still being completely owned with no shares on the market?

  62. chevron,

    i think you’re right about the division of incoming revenue from shares- a distrubution based on percentage owned would be decent- especially since the new shares added by the thot controller devalues the current shares relative value.

  63. “get rid of the stock crash bug..”
    Windcaster,.the entire price system is bugged:
    Sometimes it rises to millions for one stock,sometimes it falls to 0.01. Its either too sensitive to market operations or manipulated somehow.
    Just an example from my stock:
    You own: -7996779840087027712 shares
    ($-159935596801740544.00 valuation)

    The word infinity comes from the Latin infinitas or

    Ticker Symbol: INF
    Category: Info
    Offered by: MidniteNeko, on Sunday, September 30, 2007
    Controlling Shareholder: bas
    Initial Trading Price: $0.02
    Total Shares: -9223372036854775808
    Available Shares: 0
    Market Capitalization: $-184,467,440,737,100,000
    Most recent dividend: $0.04/share

  64. The problem i can’t sell my shares,can’t buy any and can’t add them,and they give me -1e18 dividends.

  65. Mr. Workman – have you given any thought to using some sort of arbitrary-precision integer library (looking around for one, the first one I found was at to deal with the whole “sometimes it wraps around at inopportune moments” series of problems?

  66. 10-07-2007 (Sun) Temp Fortune Cap -$24954209006790000.00

    This needs to stop.

    I’m losing infinite quadrillions. Like I said, it’s not even a game anymore.

  67. Yeah… The way market pricing works now is totally screwed up! I’ve seen stocks go from $500 a share to a penny overnight even though it looks like nobody sold any shares! What is up with THAT?

  68. MidniteNeko couldn’t you add 9.223E+18 shares to get it to equal 0?

  69. Chevron36,i’m not the controlling shareholder and can’t add shares.(And the exploit which allowed to add shares by non-controllers was fixed,IIRC)

  70. “Chevron36,i’m not the controlling shareholder and can’t add shares.(And the exploit which allowed to add shares by non-controllers was fixed,IIRC)”

    how would you know about that midnite?

  71. Thats a trade secret >.>

  72. I’m not going to get into the gripes about fortune caps, the apparant dislike of MidnightNeko (I feel the point with the current setup is greed also and MN is just playing it VERY well) or any of that.

    I WOULD however, like to get into a few of the points that I think could address some of the concerns. First off, how about having actual banks in the system? Solid banks with a very small but theoretically consistent return on dollars stored within them, maybe even managed by a board of directors that gets voted on occasionally somehow) – I thought I’d try to create some by ofering smaller shares of stock at $1MM per share hoping that would allow the large investors to have a place to store money but the share price would hopefully keep things at a less-volatile state and prevent flooding the market. Unfortunately, there is a value cap on share value during IPOs apparantly. 😦

    The other thought is around inflation. Setting up a system of inflation / deflation could help to balance things out. The more money inherent in the system, the less value each share of anything has, the less money, the better. And back to the concept of banks, Thotmarket could have it’s own ‘Department of Revenue’ that controls how much money is made available to the system somehow.

    Anyway, just a couple of thoughts. I’m testing out some theories now and hope to be able to provide more meaningful insight soon.

    (oh, and hi, all! Nice site!)

  73. oh well then,

    another thought of mine, some sort of safety needs to be put in place to prevent selling of shares getting choped of at 1000000000000000000

    and being unable to create more then 18446744073709551614 total market shares. Cause i’ve sold several shares without realizing they would get choped of at 1000000000000000000 loosing me 1/3000 total bank value. and i’ve purchased 1000000000000000000 worth of shares and only gotten. 1/10th of that. Sure its a good way to get money out of system but at least tell people that this will be happening.

  74. $373,166,120,622,644,671.21 in taxes so far today.

    Please fix this. 😦

  75. I tried my bank idea using the $10,000 per share cap enforced by the system, but the first tiem someone purchased from me, the stock split and the price dropped to $5,000 and doubled the shares so the entire point was defeated. 😦

  76. And now during the diviend payout the price dropped dramatically for no god reason at all, thus killing the idea entirely and robbing everyone involved of money for no reason….. Grrrrr……

  77. Just to add: I’m not certain where the idea of a forced split came from. In the real market, splits are the result of a decision by the board of directors of a company. There are no forced splits.

    And while I understand the notion of paying dividends out of the market cap when there’s no actual company revenues to pay them out of, there has got to be a better system for dividends as forcing a brand-new stock to plummet at the first dividend and curring it’s value by over 2/3 before anyone has even bought a full percentage is ridiculous. I hope someone comes up with a good solution soon. 😦

  78. [Sorry for spamming the comments but I’m just adding thoughts as they occur to me]

    Regarding taxation: taxes are a notion applied to gross revenue. Thus, as a regulatory measure, taxes should be applied to any income an individual has, regardless if it’s in interest in the bank (not in effect on Thotmarket), in dividends, or in sale of stock (this is in addition to capital gains tax).

    As such, if the tax structure was implemented to account for all three of these, the tax would have a better self-correcting effect on trader activity. Once a week/day/whatever, the tax gets applied to all of the earnings of an individual and stripped away. If that leaves them with a negative balance in the bank, then shares start being forcibly sold off of theit most valuable stocks (think asset seizure by the gov’t). This woul dhelp limit the money in the system, could potentially help to fund dividends and would cause traders to think twice about just selling and re-offering a new stock of quintillions of shares at miniscule prices.

    Just a thought.

  79. Heh. Now that I see my comments are awaiting moderation and I can guess that you’ll see them before anyone else does, let me offer any assistance that I may. I am a developer and have worked with stock market interests for many years. I am also a technical architect and have lots of thoughts on how to improve the next generation of social networking. If you’d liek to chat, drop me an email!

  80. Sorry, but between Slippers and I, I think something broke!

    And now I have this, which is a bit off-putting, to say the least! LOL

    Account Summary for rabidfan
    Bank Balance: $2,021,178,359
    Portfolio Value: $-16,534,648,755,254,544,302,080
    Net Worth: $-16,534,648,755,252,524,744,704

  81. you can’t buy/sell more then 9223372036854775807
    shares(2^63 shares) its a maximum signed 64-bit integer.shares could use double float,though.

  82. also why use signed 64-bit numbers,instead of unsigned? no one wants negative shares.

  83. “Thats a trade secret >.>”
    hehe, i did’nt ask how it was done i asked how you knew about it?
    since unless im wrong it was’nt posted any where.. and fairly certain you did’nt report it.. hmm.. makes ya wonder.

  84. Infinite stock price exploit wasnt’t posted anywhere too.
    Yet its fixed.

  85. “Infinite stock price exploit wasnt’t posted anywhere too.
    Yet its fixed.”

    well i dont know nothing about that but i’ll just be blunt about it and say i knew about the stock holder share thang.. i reported it with about an hour of stumbling on it once i was sure it was’nt isolated and rworkman took it serious and sounded as if it was the first he had heard of it.

    that leads me to believe you did not report it your self and since that specific bug/exploit was’nt posted anywhere.. until you muttered it means you must have known about it..

    the only reason someone would not report such a bug/exploit is if they intend to use it in the future or already are, there is the slim chance we both reported it at the same time.. but i find it highly unlikely that we both did within hours of each other.

    that clear, blunt enough for you?

  86. isn’t trade secret meaning just that <.<

  87. Of course thats just fruits of imagination of some “self centered egotistical crybaby.” you should ignore that.

  88. “Of course thats just fruits of imagination of some “self centered egotistical crybaby.” you should ignore that.”

    lol ya you’re right.. i should’nt even said anything i had my answer before i even asked it.. my mistake.

  89. UM.

    Midnightneko you are a fucking freak

    step 1: Ban Midnight neko, he is way too obsessed with this site.

    step 2: reset all accounts to zero

    step 3: ?????

    step 4: Profit!

  90. I can’t wait until this beta period is over. I hope fortunes reset so jerks with too much money from all the bugs and glitches can get over themselves. The market has stopped functioning for a lot of great links because somebody with too much bloody money can’t be bothered to manage the massive inventory of thoughts he/she owns.

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