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Some updates are coming today, I’ll elaborate more later. BTW, someone set up a forum to discuss all things ThotMarket. There have been several calls for this sort of thing on the site. Something official might be added in the future, but until then perhaps folks would like to use this:



  1. have to check it out.. be better if it was official though.. cause if this board gets established it will distract from you trying ot create one your self..

    also can i email you directly? i need to explain a serious exploit i came across but the contact box is a bit small and i never hear back from you so i dunno if it’s working, would be easier if i could email you directly about it.

  2. windcaster, send your contact information through the feedback form, mention your username and I’ll contact you about your findings.

  3. ok i sent using the contact page.. hopefully you got it.. i notice trading is down atm.. probably be a good time to look in the inbox or directory or where ever it goes and fix the problem now.. it shouldn’t be to difficult to fix but definitely one that needs to be addressed asap.

  4. windcaster, thanks for this. I really appreciate it.

  5. im glad i could help.

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