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A new commenting system has started on the site. You will now have to purchase your comments. The good news is that you get to set the price. Comments will now be displayed in order of their value. All users are able to increase the value of a comment by ‘Buying In’ to it. And yes, users can decrease a comment’s value by ‘Buying Out’. If a comment is completely bought out, it will be removed from the board.

A couple of changes have also been made to the account management page. You will now see a ‘Messages’ section at the top. Here you can view messages from the system regarding your comments and thots. For example, when a user buys in or out of one of your comments, you will receive a notice here. If one of your thot’s is de-listed, you will receive a note about it. There is also a comments summary at the bottom of the account page. There are a few other tweaks to the page, but I think they are self evident.

A few tweaks have been made to the thot detail pages as well. Most notably, there are now links to user pages for the thot originator and manager. At the moment these user pages merely consist of a list of thots that the user manages. In time this page will develop in to much more, however, as we introduce profiles and other customizing options.



  1. How exactly it determined:
    If i post comment and some buys it out,
    does he pays the full price or there could be several users buying it? if its the new money sink,its prone to abuse by anyone deleting comments.

  2. interesting idea.. although i think i have to agree with midnite on this one comments givin priority to the money invested in them? but lets give it a try.. might be better then it sounds.

  3. it’s an experiment. as is all of this. if it sucks it will change.

  4. I like experiments: but this has few things that are quite
    The ordering of comments by value,would make for observers to note the line of discussion an exercise.
    And people could exercise censorship on their stocks if they can spare the money.
    Plus,the idea of drawing the money for comments is
    only working if the person making the comment values it
    enough to buy it.

  5. Heh! I’m now going around buying out everyone’s comments all over thotmarket now…

    This is a great feature, and if you have enough money you can buy out and remove EVERYONEs(or almost everyone’s) comments! I LOVE THIS!

  6. i am gonna show this to my friend, man

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