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Within the next 48 hours we will be sweeping through the system and starting to enforce the new posting policy. Make changes to violating thots or pull your shares out now or you may lose them.

Also, at the moment we have stopped delisting thots just for trading at junk status ($0.01/share) This is because of a bug that is allowing frozen thots to reach that level which shouldn’t happen. Currently, only zero market-cap thots will be delisted automatically (once a day that is). Once the bug is corrected, junk thots will again be removed regularly.



  1. i already checked my thots a day or two ago.. updated descriptions i think most of mine will survive the purge, some people wont like it but there is a lot of junk on the market.

  2. I’ll probably lose about 20% of my stocks >.<
    these stocks are there because of taxes and lack of stable values(like gems) to store excess money.

  3. I have several “Junk” thots that I cannot access ?

    STRWRS (600 shares) $0.09 -73.08
    where STRWRS links to …..

    I don’t really care that they died … but It is annoying that they are still listed ?


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