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A couple of changes tonight, nothing huge: Added a few new links to the ‘Browse’ page that link to several new views of the list (like biggest gainers, etc.) There will be more of these soon. The order shown on the main list is no longer strictly tied to the Market cap alone. The new formula for this ranking also factors in the total number of shareholders. Fixed the split stock ticker bug that was mislabeling many thots. Now thots with a market cap of zero are considered to have junk status and will be delisted within 24 hours. I believe the bug that caused some traders to see negative bank balances has been removed (but we’ll see what happens tomorrow). Removed a lot of spam postings.



  1. my thot “SHORTNEWS” which was was delisted.. it had 0 market cap.. not because there was’nt shares but because no one had bought anyyet.. it was not spam.. i understand you’ve made a change that 0market cap thots are delisted but damnit.. the site has’nt been back open for what 20 or 30 mins? and it’s gone? thats f**ked up.

  2. It would be nice of we could have filters to see only stocks,which fit a criteria.
    e.g.list only stocks with available shares >x x <y

  3. Also would there be orders like:
    Buy this shares if it get lower then X with all funds available(or K funds) or sell Z(not all because of windfall) shares
    if price reaches Y.
    This would be more realistic.

  4. From the time I went to be late last night to early this morning, I lost 14 trillion thollars to the silly bank account cap. I went to bed with about 120-something million. I’m starting to think, “what’s the point of bothering with ThotMarket?” Sure, it’s a link promotion site, but it’s wrapped in a game. If the game is silly, people are likely going to stop coming here. I think you have a very clever Web 2.0 business model here, but if it is run where everyone is equal, you are contradicting the model of a stock market. There are winners, and losers. There are rich, and poor. There are people with everything, and people with nothing. The fun of the game is to go from poor to rich. I’m considering not playing anymore, because there is no longer a point to the GAME which drives your real-world business model of link promotion. Something to think about 😉

  5. i see many thots in neg marketcap and stocks getting to 0.01 without any visible reason.

  6. HardCode i pointed that out in previous posts on this Blog.Communism and command economy do not work in practice.Market cap prevents people from getting rich.
    And now i will no longer create stocks,because of market cap delisting.Since i have no guarantee people buy my stock,creating it would be waste of thollars.
    And i decided to not to sell any stock worth more then 1quadrillion.Just to be safe.
    I play for maximum net worth thollars.
    yesterday i lost 6e18$ to some negative wraparound bug.

  7. I think that to keep the ThotList clean, only primary domains should be allowed to be listed. For example, “” and not 100000 other Wikipedia pages. Sure, this will exclude all of the youtube links, but the owners of youtube are advertising their site here, which is the real-world purpose of this site to begin with – to advertise a site, not content of a site.

  8. (since I can’t edit the post above, my point was that the owners of youtube are NOT advertising their site here. People are only creating thots for youtube and wikipedia to make thollars and not to advertise THEIR site.)

  9. Do something about the ThotLists. If I take my time to create comprehensive ThotLists, then the public should be able to SEE that list. The ThotList page only shows the few newest. I can’t even find my lists, so how is the public?

  10. There should definitely be list of thots with highest amount of available shares.
    Since the introduction of fixed share IPO its getting hard to find such stocks which can be invested without scrolling pages of frozen stocks and checking stocks in which you have shares manually to see of there are any more available (For each stock).

  11. “Now thots with a market cap of zero are considered to have junk status and will be delisted within 24 hours.”

    That would clear alot of stocks daily.
    I’m not against it,but stocks which are on 5th page of some list,would be rarely bought.And selling them(by other player ) would kill the stock.Most stocks have less then 10 stockholders.

    Unless one is creating new accounts to buy some stocks.

  12. Went to bed a billionaire. Woke up a multi-trillionaire. In fact, I’m not even sure what the word is for that many zeros. I think inflation really is a key problem here. I’ve got a ridiculous amount of control over the market now. I don’t especially want it either, Money’s like water now. Whatever changes you make to the economy model it needs to reduce the speed at which the rich poor gap can grow at. Having trillionaires appear in a week is very unstable and will turn people away. Today I will promote moles. As it stands you will lose any competition with Digg very quickly. There’s potential here, but it needs finetuning.

  13. And this happening with taxes on.
    Doesn’t this finally proof that taxes are useless at limiting the rich? Anyone can create new cheap stocks and sell them at higher rate when they rise at least x10.

    You can multiply capital easily by creating your own 90% private stocks with alot of public shares.
    taxes just make the process inconvinient.
    They are Not Money Sinks.They are an annoyance.
    The game needs a way to spend money that users will want,except stock creation(since it profit driven).

  14. This is simply ridiculous.
    I went to bed with $30,000,000,000 and woke up with $30,000,000,000,000.
    A week ago, I thought millionaires were rich and regularly sold under $1000 each time to avoid the tax.

  15. “The game needs a way to spend money…”

    First and foremost ThotMarket needs a way to stop the ridiculous inflation. The circulating money shouldn’t exceed the number of participants multiplied with their starting capital. Since with time many people will leave it will still be possible to get rich.

  16. The one billion dollar fortune gap is a little harsh. I would prefer more taxes than the one billion dollar cap. Now any stock worth more than 50 dollars will not be invested as much.

    We also need a way to unfreeze these stocks. Anandtech stock was once 500+ and now is worth .09 cents because the owner of the stock just keeps buying up what people are sellings and never adds more. There must be some forcefull retirement of stock clause.

  17. This economy is really messed. Removing the taxes would only screw things up more. There are some insane exploits in the game where people introduce trillions of share IPOs then expode them to be worth thousands of thollars… then they split a bunch. I bought into one such ‘link’ and now I lose trillions per dividen in cap tax. TRILLIONS! That means that I have the same influence as billions of new joiners.

    My primary goal in getting this much cash was to try to compete with MidniteNeko but now it’s just a race to spend money before I lose my money. Too much work for me, i quit.

  18. “The circulating money shouldn’t exceed the number of participants multiplied with their starting capital”
    you completely misunderstand the economy of TM.
    When you sell stocks at profit,or get dividends money is not reduced but created.Its possible to limit it but the site is build around these principles.(thats radically changes the nature of the site).

    the system remains capital generating rather then fluctuation of capital.(besides the point new players would cause inflation even in your “Closed system”)

    There is no way for money leave the system except in two case 1.Windfall tax applied after dividends.
    2.Selling stocks at loss.(anything which generates less then 100% profit will lose money for stock sales).

    The “Cause” of the apparent inflation is ability to have more then 2.14e9 stocks per user and more then that in public shares.Before the system had fixed limit which made buying and selling restricted (heavily)by quantity.

    I would advocate return to Infinite stocks as was with start of the site.It would solve:
    A.Frozen stocks and controlling shareholders static power.Return to liquid economy.
    B.Make all stocks have equal chance to rise and broaden they popularity.Stocks would not have
    popularity because of Quantity of available stocks.
    C.Would shift the money spread across many profit/storage stocks to popular stocks.i.e.people would invest more in single stock.

  19. “My primary goal in getting this much cash was to try to compete with MidniteNeko.”
    you won because i concentrated my efforts in one stock
    (Japan324) which gained me 6 quintillion.However there was bug which created(when i sold the shares) a negative wraparound to balance of my account resulting -1quintillion.
    No i have merely 71Trillion. >.<
    I’m going to wait some time to see how economy changes.I could surely get alot of return with any investment but i’ll prefer to operate in complete knowledge that capital is stable and effort is conserved in the system.And it seems in the last few days,getting quadrillions through popular cheap shares rising has become so pervasive i’m probably
    only middle-class in terms of net worth.
    Amasius has some point,but what is happening is built into the nature of the site and current conditions merely simplify the process of accumulating such huge capitals.(instead of many shares with 2.14e9 stocks a single stock would be used for investment.
    This process of reinvesting in cheap popular stocks
    can be done in any restriction,and i did made a fortune in 100k cap days.

  20. “you completely misunderstand the economy of TM.”

    Sorry, but there is no working economy of TM. Its just a broken system that can easily be exploited to make literally unlimited virtual money. I think nobody has proven that better than yourself. TM doesn’t function like a real market accorting to the law of supply and demand : if you for instance sell shares you don’t need a buyer, you sell them for an hourly fixed price to the system. In a real market the more shares you want to sell the worse your price gets. In TM you can sell all shares of a stock at once without buyers after you raised the price of the stock by your own buyings. (Its easier if you have some other buyers but it works with a little patience if you buy every hour some shares) Its just ridiculous.

  21. it’s doubtful it will ever work like a real stock market.. there are no products produced.. no supply shortages, no labor disputes.. it’s all about popularity and how many people click the damn link.. thats part of the problem.. but i also agree the price fluctuation’s are wild on thotmarket and probably need toned down.. money is insanely easy to make.. i only have 10 quadrillion today.. yesterday i hate 540, what happen? well the stocks get pumped up.. then people sell out.. how they do it and not lose 99.9% of it to the cap? i dunno.. but it’s obviously to much work for me to bother with.. so i just sit on the stock.. at this point even if im the last person to sell the stock after the cap is lifted there is absolutely no way i can lose, worse case senario i still come out 1000’s of X’s richer.

    im losing 100’s of trillions each hour to the bank cap.. which is fine.. i tried to save as much of it but like the rest of you im tired of it.. let them gobble up the money i also have to agree as out of wack as this economy is right now no bank cap would be unimaginably worse then it is already.

    we also have to understand it is indeed in a beta.. shits not suppose to be tip top just yet.. although i’d have to say it’s more like alpha then beta stage.. im unsure exactly who the development person/staff is so i’l just say “THEY” have done a great job up to this point to get this far.. i hope them the best.. but please hurry!, if this was real life i would have long jumped out the window after seeing the amount of money per hour being lost.. it’s larger then the U.S yearly budget. :/

  22. Maybe, when things are made that you can spend thollars on, there could be a limit on the money in the game. Maybe each website’s controlling shareholder could make some kind of thing (for a price) that could be bought by other people. Then the profit could be distributed between the shareholders, I have no idea what these could be, but if there was a limit to the money in the game (or it was increased slowly) it could help it act a bit more like a real economy.

  23. Also (because I can’t edit my above post), Is there any possibility of there being a clock on thotmarket showing whatever timezone thotmarket runs in? Seeing as some of the events in thotmarket are based on the time (I think), it would really help people living in different timezones.

  24. I noticed profit from sales is limited to1 quintillinon
    1e18,and IPo max shares to 9223372036854775807.

  25. Meh, I don’t like how many of the thots which were 100% valid (I never added any crap) were delisted.

  26. Well, it is a beta. I have hope that it will be fun when things get fixed.

  27. Beta or no, I find it quite annoying when you go around, deleting thots or making them unprofitable, simply because they’re too successful. Call me an asshole, but some of us don’t appreciate having our hard work undone by an invisible mod without even a single word of warning.It seems to me that success is being punished.

  28. There are still major problems with the split.. When I buy a lot into things they manage to split and i end up losing BIG.. example
    ($-14599846689694663311360.00 valuation)
    Now how could I own negative shares and lose so much? Did I miss something about splitting or is this just a huge bug?
    I hope to see some improvement but it the mean time I can’t really do anything owing 14 sextillion thollars.

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