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Posting Policy to be Clarified:
In the next couple of days, a clear policy will be posted to the site that defines some rules for posting thots. Basically, I want to make sure that everyone understands what types of posts will trigger de-listing. This will include things like: linking to something that is not a URL, posting titles or descriptions that are not representative of the linked file, and so on. When this is posted, moderation of posted thots will become more aggressive.

Problems with the economy:
Lot ‘o talk about how there is too much money flowing in to the economy. I believe that one of the fundamental problems is that, unlike a real economy, there is nothing to do with thollars other than re-invest them into the market. So, we’re going to start experimenting with new things to do with your credits. You’ll see the first part of this soon.

Split stock graphics:
The split stock ticker graphics are currently supposed to indicate that a split occurred within the last 24 hours. That may be too long a time since things move fast around here. The red ticker graphics are supposed to indicate that the thot is currently at junk status and will be de-listed shortly.

Problems today:
There were some problems today with thots flipping into negative values. I believe that the cause has been corrected, but time will tell.



  1. I think you are right that the economy has a problem. However, I don’t believe simply sinking our money elsewhere is a good fix. If we have options, it becomes an optimization problem; for the majority of users (i suspect) this is a game, and so they will purchase the things they believe will gain them the most thollars. If your alternative ways of spending cash help boost advertising, money gain, or really anything that can increase the number of sales of a stock, I think you can expect people to figure out the best way to spend their cash in order to earn the most. Additionally, upkeep costs, taxes, and other money sink type expenses will likely discourage casual users and require more time on the part of cash farmers.
    The most valuable links should not fluctuate so rapidly and they should reflect the most popular and compelling content on the web. They should not be “tons of shares”.
    I started using thotmarket 3-ish days ago. I have since picked two stocks that started at the minimum IPO, and skyrocketed to the number one on thotmarket, earning me a tidy sum of 14 quadrillion dollars. I have a website I’d actually like to advertise, so I spent some few billions of that in order to open a stock with 35 quadrillion shares for sale. The first sale of the stock saw every single share change hands.
    I think it is likely that since everyone starts with $1000, fewer than 14 trillion accounts have been created. This leads me to believe that stocks create imaginary money in excess of what is put into thotmarket. I believe this is the biggest departure from reality and the biggest flaw in thotmarket. I can’t imagine there have been more than a half-dozen people who actually ran out of money – everyone is a winner.
    Instead, I would suggest pitching the more convenient interface provided by fluctuating share prices via a formula for a more ebay-style buying and selling where thotmarketeers post a number of shares they would like to sell, and a minimum selling price for those shares. Also, players could enter in a buy value for the maximum amount of money they are willing to pay for shares. These would all sit on the queue waiting to be processed. Many transactions would not be instantaneous. Money would change hands instead of being created by the server. The stock “price” could then be represented by its min/max and last selling price for the day. The value of a stock would not be a product of the price and the number of shares, instead it would be the number of thollars invested in a stock. Of course there are many more issues that need to be addressed in my suggestion, but that would take much longer and much more comment space. In sum, the number of thollars on the market needs to be 1000*number of accounts to start out, and possibly an online poker style reload mechanism if you run out of cash (you start with a little, and if you run out you can replace it once a day or so). Also, please require email verification with the finalized version so that humans are responsible for creating accounts.

  2. of course some money is created out of thin air.. the dividends is created money out of thin air when someone clicks on the thot.. the dividend would be the money the website would have made if it was a real company.

  3. How about people who continue to abuse the system? I know it’s just a game and all, but how can you not blink an eye when you see a user make 100 IPO’s in one miniute stating “fuck windfall tax” and not delete his account and everything assoicated with it? If he can generate that many IPO’s using god knows what kind of script, I think you might have to make more controls on your end to govern this site before it gets out of hand.

  4. If he can generate that many IPO’s using god knows what kind of script,
    I had to stop because my fingers started to hurt.
    And there is no script to process captchas.

    Deleting my account would lead to unpleasant consequences for the whole site.Since i can make as many
    accounts as i can IPOs in a minute and flood the site with whatever my mind desires,thats is a really bad idea(TM). IP and email registration wouldn’t even matter to me because if i’m really annoyed i’ll patiently destroy the offending site from the inside every day(and i do not work for emotion alone, setting for myself a clear goal i follow until the objective is fullfilled).
    i.e. you don’t want me as enemy.

  5. ya thats a smart thing to say neko.. if i was the developer of the site i’d make it my goal to get rid of you making cocky remarks like that..

    agreed email verification just slows it down.. it’s easily defeated..

    ip filtering however.. is a bit harder sure you can just release and renew a new ip from your isp’s dchp.. or maybe have a list of proxies.. make it so accounts can’t create more then 1 ipo per hour, oh i suppose you could create shit loads of accounts but then you add filtering and again link each account to a ip address for 1hr blocks.

    i have no doubt you could spam the market.. doing a pretty good job of it already but i seriously dont see how you could destroy the site i mean really :rolls eyes:

  6. i seriously dont see how you could destroy the site i mean really.

    I don’t mean to threaten this(i like the site despite its shortcomings),its just a reponse to Regs
    calling to ban me.and if you doubt,I have a few tricks up my sleeve which would make the game very fucked up in space of few days with minimal expenses.Thats why banning me would be so harmful.I probably know about the site internal workings better then any other person with exception of steve.
    Its kind of firing from work a microbiology specialist which has its own lab.

  7. i did’nt ask for you to be banned.. im saying if this was my site i would for your cocky remarks and threats .. having users make such statements underminds the developers authority if left unchecked, but i dont run the site.

    do it neko.. show us what ya got or stfu.

    you’re turning into a self centered egotistical crybaby.

  8. I do not like the idea of being banned(for some fake thollar manipulation in an unbalanced game).No one else would too.The difference is that i don’t tend to forgive.

    Lets just ignore hypothethical scenarios for moment and concentrate on discussing improving the site.

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