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Well, we’ve rolled out the first stage of the new ThotMarket economy. I’m too tired to write a comprehensive overview of everything that has changed and the reasons for them, but here are some highlights:

Fixed Shares:
When you create a new thot you now have to enter a total number of shares to bring to market. You also have to enter the number of those shares that are available for trade with the public. The rest are shares that you hold privately.

When all the shares on the market for a given thot are purchased, trading is frozen until more shares become available. That will happen when: someone sells shares, the thot manager adds more shares, or releases shares from his/her private stash.

If another user buys more shares than a thot manager, then that user acquires control of the thot.

Controlling Thots:
The majority stockholder for a given thot has a controlling interest in that stock. They act as the thot owner. When shares are purchased by other traders, this value is transferred to the thot owner. The thot owner (manager/controller/or whatever we end up calling them) has the ability to add additional shares to the market. This is important because since there is now a fixed number of shares for all thots, they can only climb so high. It going to be more work and more expensive to nurture a thot to the top. The controller can ensure that no other trader can gain control of the thot by making sure that they own more than 50% of the total shares. BUT, there’s a catch…

Thots are now ranked by Market Capitalization:
Previously thots were ranked solely by their trading price. Now, they are ranked by Market Cap, which is the product of the trading price and the number of shares owned by traders (other than the thot owner). Therefore, the more shares that are owned by the public, the higher the rank will be. But, the more shares that are available to the public, the higher the likelihood that another trader will acquire control of the thot.

Thots can be acquired:
As discussed above

Owner shares will erode with inactivity:
For each day that a thot owner doesn’t log in to the system, they will lose 4% of their controlling shares to the public market. That way, users that have been run over by a bus, or gotten a new girlfriend, won’t wield permanent control over their thots.

Stock will split above $1000/share
When trade price exceeds $1000, a 2:1 split will occur. This will not effect the Market Cap, or shareholder’s balances, but it will help make things more affordable for other users.

The Massive Windfall Tax is gone (sort of)
This much hated monster is no more. For the time being, however, there is a cap in place that will not allow to to amass more than a billion thollars. Hopefully that cap will be removed soon, but I want to keep it there at first, as we see how the new economy performs.

We messed with your shares/balances
Yes, in order to do the migration, manual manipulation of the market was done. Unlike previous occurrences, I don’t believe that we reduced anyone’s balances, or shares. Instead we added shares and thollars to some. This was done mostly to ensure that the original thot owners have a controlling share of their thots at first. Its now up to them to decide how to manage the thots. We felt this was the most fair tactic. Also, some money was injected into the lower class.

I forgot to mention, there’s no more cap on the number of shares you can purchase.

The next set of things will include more reporting mechanisms. For example there is not currently a reporting mechanism for users that shows when stock splits have occurred, or thots have been acquired by other traders. Obviously this is vital information for traders.

I’ll write all this stuff up more formally for the site in a bit. If things go nuts in the market, I may put the brakes on again. In many ways this is like starting over, so I’m sure that there are problems, bugs, etc. In any case, have at it.



  1. Well this sucks. Also, first poast.

  2. I mean it oowns.

  3. I love, it makes much more sense :}

  4. I like the changes. One thing: you should indicate that a stock split occured, on the ticker and on the graph. Right now it just looks like the stock crashed, but in real life they would give a press release and everyone would know that it split. Since there’s no news about the stock, it should be easy to see on the graph and ticker.

    You could do this by writing “split” somewhere on the ticker, for a few hours at least, or changing the color of the blip on the graph for the day it split and the line afterwards. That way the “crash” is easily seen to be the result of a stock split.

    Anyway, now I’m even more addicted. Thanks for making the site!

  5. Stupid. Just ruined the game.

  6. Could you show the number of shares available on each thot’s page? How many there are in total doesn’t let you know how many you can buy.

    And turn off $0.00 shares.

  7. Wow, I didn’t expect realism to get involved- this is great. Thank you for a great… thot.

    Also, you may wish to check out Industry Player- an online economic simulation- for economic modelling, I know they’ve worked for a few years at it.

    Great job.

  8. There should be an option to hide Frozen Shares in preferences or something.
    And there should be a notification of max available shares when you try to buy some(e.g.quick Buy).

  9. I don’t think shares are doubling when stocks split. 😦

  10. Is there a problem with taking over stocks? The ones I did not originally own, I cannot add more stocks for people to buy.

  11. There are still a bunch of bugs that needs fixing, but the general model is definitely on the right track.

  12. ‘Controlling Thots’?

    Minitrue? Is that you? o.O

  13. Do you really think the return for people buying stocks you control should be 100%?

    The problem as i see it:

    I can create new shares, only to buy them all, effectively for free. If I have patience, or money, I can build up a single stock, by myself, to infinity. Even if the return was 90%, that would mean you could only buy 10x your thollars worth of your own stock, and that’d be good enough.

  14. Is the Billion Thollar cap still in effect?

  15. also,Capital gains tax wouldn’t be removed like windfall tax?

  16. There should be field after market cap:
    Max shares available =xxxx.
    This way people won’t have to guess how much they can buy.

  17. It’d be awesome if you can differentiate the Returns, Dividends, etc. on the history screen. Would be interesting for stat-tracking.

  18. Could there be a list: Highest amount of shares in circulation per stock ?

  19. a biggest winners and losers list would be great- first thing I look at in the business section. It makes me drool, and chuckle- a druckle.

  20. …and adding shares to controlled thots seems not to work if you hadn’t originated them.

  21. Nice job!

  22. Would the be User stats? Like highest thollars and most stocks ,or biggest losses per day and the like?

  23. Also: Bank Balance: doesn’t show complete numbers.

  24. WIndfall tax still works after 1billion >.<

  25. My newest hobby: Taking over stocks, :P.

  26. Firstly, great site and I love the changes, it’s great being able to take over Thots; however, I can’t edit the title and text on Thots I’ve taken over, which I thought I would be able to do.

  27. I think it’s getting abused. There’s a stock with marketcap of $100 billion already. 😐 I own 23m shares of that stock, but I probably didn’t even make a dent in it. He must be making a killing. His networth is probably 10-100x mine, and mine is $17 billion.

  28. I’m pretty sure there people much richer then me (only 232Billion networth >.>) . You can make 40-50 billions with good stocks ,quite fast.Do it several times and you’ll have to spend as fast as you can because of windfall tax above 1billion.

  29. Good investement=High return
    0.02 stocks to 50.00=x2500
    Buy 100 000 000 of such cheap stock for 2 millions$.
    Wait for price climb,or buy several such stocks.
    if it reaches 50$,you have 5 billion thollars.
    If you own 50 such stocks(which is only 100million cost)
    you worth 250 Billion(it would be rare for all 50 to reach 50$ ).

  30. crap,while i was talking i missed 4b windfall tax.
    (Fri) Windfall Tax -$4179260631.35

  31. With the addition of limited shares as a feature, and the thotcontroller being able to add them, it may be great to allow limited communication between shareholders and controllers. Individualized messages would obviously be abused in both language, and for commercial purposes- so maybe a couple or a few boilerplate messages-

    e.g. –

    1. Please add more shares (Number of shares offered to purchase upon offering)
    2. I would like to buy your shares (Number of shares offered to purchase)

    I’m sure that there a few other legitimate messages that people can think of- but giving people a way to feel ’empowered’ may be a beneficial tool in keeping and enticing users to be heavy users of thotmarket.

  32. 2 lemur: there’s the comments page on every stock. In theory it can fulfill the same role as your boilerplate (except I haven’t seen them used that way).

    windfall tax sucks a bit, however if it was scaled up (drop the last six 0s, pretend it was a thousand, and use the old model), it would have been better. Right now everything over about 1.5bil comes down to 1billion precisely to the thenny.

  33. The 1 billion bank balance maximum has to be removed. Im earning several billions per hour in dividends, so how well my thots are doing doesnt matter at all. If theyre doing really good i might earn 10 billion per hour and get 9billion windfall tax immediately and if theyre doing bad i might earn 3 billions and get 2 billion windfall tax. The result is same :S

  34. all the interesting thots are frozen 😦

    would be nice to see volume on the graphs, and who has bought (or at least how many).

  35. i had the same problem of taking over thots and not being able to add shares.. about 12 hours later i was able to add shares to them now but i can’t edit the text :/

    also a few thots which i KNOW i have majority share holder did not transfer over and still see the previous controller as the owner, also had problems with -0 negative available stock in my profile of controlled thots, which is impossible. how can there be a negative value of stock available?

  36. Um, first of all, it is a pity that such people as “MidniteNeko” feel a need to pollute the main market place page. Also, I do not quite understand how stocks can now go into the negatives in availability??

  37. I didn’t intend to spam these stocks..
    I invested my money in them(100% private)
    These are just random wiki pages.
    All these stock shares are zeroed now.

  38. Exactly what aspect of the latest changes is causing dividends to return less than 1% of their listed value per share?
    My income has been choked to death since last night. It seems to have swung from one extreme (too much money) to the other (nowhere near enough) in a matter of hours, despite positive growth in every of my markets.

    It’s not making sense ATM…

  39. “For each day that a thot owner doesn’t log in to the system, they will lose 4% of their controlling shares to the public market.”

    I would recommend this be amended to 2-3 days, there are those, like myself, who are not online every single day, but have not vanished form the net, I have a day here and there I am not on, I would like to not be penalized for this.

    Perhaps a sort of ‘vacation mode’ is in order.

  40. Great changes

  41. Windfall tax as it currently is designed, is extremely painful and makes thotmarket less enjoyable overall. It would be much better if it were once a day to cut down excess, but so people have time at least to spend their money from dividends, etc.

    Also, please make stock splitting optional; I’m sure others are feeling the same way.

  42. Okay you said that the windfall tax is gone, yet I was taxed, I never had over 1 billion thollers.

  43. Someone really needs to do something about these stock spammers. Namely MIDNITENEKO. He has now spammed whole pages worth of stocks saying F-Windfall taxes and it is impeding everyones view of the stocks that are REAL.

    There needs to be either a limit of the number of IPO’s you can set. Like you can submit 1 every 5 minutes or something.

  44. How do I cash out? :)~

  45. I was just windfall taxed 9760951.70 which was more than half of my money. I only recently joined, that was my first windfall tax.

  46. Someone really needs to do something about these stock spammers. Namely MIDNITENEKO. He has now spammed whole pages worth of stocks saying F-Windfall taxes and it is impeding everyones view of the stocks that are REAL.

    I do not like windfall tax and people invest in these stocks.what are going to do with REAL Stocks?
    collect them? Dividends from REAL stocks are windfall taxed.

    and yes i agree,IPO should be limited to once per 5 minutes at least.Captcha is useless.
    The current system assumes that if someone fills a captcha he could not do it fast enough to get 10-20 IPO per minute.I guess it wasn’t engineered enough >.>

  47. Hey Guys, Can you make it so that when you type in the amount of shares you want to buy there is a little box next to it informing you of how much it will cost you to purchase x amount of shares.

    Also i think that there should be the same sort of calculator in the “add shares to market” button, so that when you type in x amount of shares to add, next to it there will be another little box informing you of the cost to add these shares.

    I also agree with other comments on this page – i think a leader and a loser board would be cool.

    Cheers – You guys have made an awesome site, and i look forward to seeing it completed!

  48. Oh i also forgot to say,

    How about a trading feature where you can trade shares / money with other users?


  49. I am concerned about bugs with splitting process that happens on this site. I owned about 9 quint shares (with 900 quad available) and after the split it said I owned -2 shares. I lost around 150 quint in worth and the stock died about 2 days later. Either the calculators weren’t able to handle the split (doubtful), there is some bug with the split, or I missed some change about splitting and the number of shares owned. If this is a bug I hope it is fixed so people don’t get screwed like I did. Friday total worth = $150,950,324,325,029,934,934, Monday total worth = $6,042,264,032.

  50. Arrghhh! I lost 10 trillion thollars, even though I was spending them as fast as possible on expanding my own stock!

    Make the 1 billion limit only happen 4 times a day or something, not every FEW MINUTES!

  51. I pretty much agree with you on the fact that the Capital Gains tax cap should be increased from 1 billion to something more, but if we get rid of it all together then some guy is going to end up making a bomb, buying everyones thots and monopolisiong the market. Seriously, it may look bad, but its needed.

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