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I’ve posted a note to the beta page discussing the upcoming changes to the market. I had been planning to do the switch over next weekend when traffic was lower, since the site will have to be down for a while. But, traffic was not down this weekend. In fact, traffic has increased steadily for the last several days. I’m concerned that the increasing activity and exposure that ThotMarket is enjoying makes the switchover to the fixed-share model more urgent. So, it will probably happen during the week some time.

It is both thrilling and terrifying to see this thing taking off. I’m reminded of that old commercial from the dot com days: Some guys are launching a website. They nervously await the first order to come in. When it does, they all cheer. Then the next order comes in. And a couple more. Suddenly the developers are cheering , whooping, jumping up and down. The counter keeps rising. They are ecstatic. Then they realize that the counter is spinning out of control. Orders are coming in at a ridiculous rate. Pretty soon the crowd is panicked, slumped over their desks, and breathing into paper bags. We’re not quite there, but I do feel pressure to get this thing working at full force.

Making such a fundamental change to the underlying system at this point is a little scary.



  1. Nice, I see a wish of mine that’ll be turned into reality 🙂
    Users specify number of shares released. Am curious how it will turn out.

  2. Here’s to hoping for a full reset. My account currently has a net value of $3,717,108,797,712.88, which is just a little bit ridiculous, and I can’t see any way for that to be realistically carried over. Great work, though. I’ll be keeping an eye on the progress.

  3. Many businesses fail simply because they didn’t plan on succeeding so well. At least this will work out in the end.

  4. Also I’d like to remark that IMO the dividend pay out system should be different. This way one cay buy 100 000 shares @ 0.01$. and basically cover the investment with the first dividend pay out.

  5. Good luck, keep up the good work.

  6. I seem to have stumbled upon a bug, I invested 1 stock in to a company and suddenly my networh went down to -99999999999… and my money went up to 999999999999…

    So, what’s happening here? I assume it’s just the beta testing or something…

  7. Does Thot do much caching? PHP’s a bitch to tune, especially with analytically-heavy apps using MySQL. You might want to have a look at memcache and MySQL replication to offload your heavy work onto a warehouse server and speed up the main server. Give me a shout if you need a hand with that- I’ve got spare time to burn and do a lot of this kinda stuff.

  8. what really gets me off is how my LEGITLY EARNED 200million thot dollars gets automatically removed for NO reason at all. This system is extremely flaws and I would like my thot dollars back.

  9. Lol Angry…legally earned?

    1: This is beta

    2: Yes, the system is flawed, and that is why you lost that excess money – to compensate for the flaws

    3: This isn’t supposed to be a system where you can click a button and receive 1 billion per click

  10. Massive Tax Withdraw!

    No worries though… it’s still a beta…. Maybe once the final version is ready, we can kill all the databases and start again

  11. There seems to be a problem with buying shares in a Thot you control

    e.g. If I try and buy shares in LISASKY which are publicly available and I have the cash I get “You can’t trade this stock right now. You must wait 15 minutes between trades on a given stock.” even though I have not bought or sold *any thing* for over half an hour ….


  12. Same thing happned to me when i was buying my own stock i added to my shares.
    After adding the shares cannot be bought.
    The message is “You must wait 15 minutes between trades on a given stock” each time.

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