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Well not really, but hopefully the fix is on its way. There been much discussion lately ways to improve the system. Its looking more and more like we’re going to be shifting to a finite-share model that will more closely resemble real market dynamics without having to rely so much on artificial caps and penalties. My resistance to this move has largely centered around my concern about the system becoming too complex for users to operate, especially new users. When we originally launched Thotmarket (almost a month ago) I had a lot of concern that the process of bringing ipos and trading shares was already too complex. Based on the performance of the site and user feedback, it looks like that was not the case for most people. The new model will be slightly more complex in terms of offering new thots, but I think, will bring some intriguing new elements to the marketplace. The biggest challenge at the moment is creating a strategy to gracefully migrate the current market to the new model without hitting the reset button. This shift will likely occur before we start introducing the community features I mentioned in an earlier post. It will involve halting trading for a period of time and as currently mapped out, it will have some profound effects on the movement and rankings of thots. I’m hoping to post more specific details in advance of the shift so folks aren’t too surprised when it happens. Thanks for all the fantastic feedback lately. Many of these ideas have grown directly from user comments.



  1. No problem on the feedback, even if you didn’t use mine. 🙂

    I quite enjoy this version of a social network, possibly because the complexities stop the just plain retarded people from gaining too much influence. I’ve certainly found some interesting links here, as well.

    I find it mildly amusing that more people aren’t promoting their own sites, though.

  2. Seems to be a problem with the Account Summary page?

    In the Portfolio Section it says
    UKNOVA (1556 shares) $413.50 -107.67
    But the ticker says $510.75 -10.42

    why the difference ?

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