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We all know that there’s been a lot of activity on the site since yesterday. Some problems have been exposed and I appreciate everyone’s help. I’ve had to do a bit more manual manipulation of various elements that I like. After-all the goal here is to create an economy that functions autonomously. Changing the rules after people have been participating sucks. But, as I’ve stated before, this sort of thing is going to happen when needed during the beta process.

Some changes have been made. Hopefully some of them are temporary. For example, there’s currently a hard cap on the initial value of a new thot ($1000). Also, there is currently a cap on the number of shares of a given thot that can be purchased by one user (100,000 shares). There is also a ‘Massive Windfall Tax’ in effect that takes the Voltron sword to huge bank balances on an hourly basis. That one only effects really huge accounts. We’re working on more creative outlets for these fortunes, so stay tuned.

Most importantly, I’ve added a feedback mechanism that allows users to flag thots for editorial review. This interface is now on all the thot detail pages. If you feel that there is a problem, use this form to bring it to our attention. There is a significant problem right now, with thots that are not appropriately categorized. This will be corrected and hopefully this mechanism will speed the review process.

Also, some stuff is being posted that I don’t want on the site. In general I want the market to correct for questionable content on its own, but if it pisses me off, I’m going to remove it. If you see something that concerns you, use the feedback flag to let me know and I’ll get rid of it if I agree.

Thanks to all of you who are helping.



  1. So what we all can learn: don’t trust the market 😉
    The idea of thotmarket is based on some utopian idea of capitalism/democracy/power of the people. And if you do not have enough reasonable people (or people who ascribe to your idea) you’re fucked. Which is the negative part of true democracy if you have ideals.

  2. i cant post comments on the main site, is this because my username is cocks or what?

  3. This Massive Windfall Tax is BS, I just lost $50,000,000 (83% of my money) that I earned fairly.

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