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Of the requested features that users submit, the most often requested one has been a more complete transaction history. Previously we’ve just been able to see the last 20 transactions. I just added a more complete history (see the link on the Account Management page) that gives you access to the last week, month or quarter. Eventually this page will allow you to sort your transactions by type.



  1. YES!!!!! Thank you!!!!

    Oh, and 354 billion so far! 😉

  2. Hope that money will be removed from you and anyone else who has accumelated such sums at some point – even if you can avoid the taxes by having all that cash invested…

    It would kinda be pointless to have this entire site if a handful can just control which sites are at the top etc.

    All in all a total reset at end of beta would be the way to go.

    Great site otherwise and an awesome idea!


  3. thats the thing though…you can’t prevent a handful of people from all investing large sums together. I didn’t however. I started with the 100 like everyone else did and invested it and it grew to that much.

    and, it was removed from me, and im fine with that…just allows me to start back again and do it over.

    im all for a total reset at the end of beta…after all, thats to be expected.

    as for the taxes, i was getting hit with 9 digit figures in the taxes…lol

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