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Well, its been a whole other week. I haven’t blogged all that time simply because I’ve had a lot going on outside of thotmarket and have had to use what time I have judiciously. I chose to make tweaks and refinements to the website rather than talking about it.

A lot has happened. We’ve gained a lot of users. Those users have posted a lot of thots. The crazy inflation of week one seems to have been taken care of by changes I made to the algorithm on Saturday. Aside from a few crushingly embarrassing misspellings, things were pretty smooth. Perhaps a little too smooth.

I became worried yesterday, that the algorithm changes I made, may have calmed things down a bit too much. While the crazy hyperinflation from week one was no fun, I suspected that slow steady and safe was not too fun either. So, during breakfast I today I made a couple more tweaks to the algorithm. Today was definitely more volatile as stocks moved way up and way down. I think it was kind of exciting. There has been some inflation, and once again a few users have managed to rack up super fortunes, but it wasn’t as bad as week one. There were problems. Today’s changes did allow for some stocks to bump into negative and zero values. Very bad, indeed. However, I think that if these bugs can be worked out, we may have arrived at a nice balance between extremes.

Let’s wait and see. Some users have apologized for causing problems with their obsessive day-trading fortune building inflation triggering activities. I appreciate the sentiments, but I hope THEY KEEP IT UP. These folks are helping to test the weaknesses in the system, and we will all benefit as a result. Thank you. Just don’t get pissed when I chop your super-stash down a few decimal places at the end of the day. Until the bugs are worked out, we still need to keep some balance.

When I started this project, I never anticipated how complex the undertaking would be. Balancing so many factors, both technical and psychological ones, is definitely a strange new experience.



  1. Love this site! 🙂 But don’t go taking any money away from me…it’s all been earned fairly! 😛 Although with almost 15 billion, I think I could spare a little here or there. 😛



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