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Well, the mention on Buzz out loud has driven quite a bit of traffic to the site today. Its been really wonderful to see this thing that I’ve agonized over for two months doing its thing. It was an interesting experience to realize that aspects of this site have suddenly left my control, as the users begin to really manipulate the market.

I’ve received some fantastic feedback from the new users. Thanks to all of you!

Of course the volume has exposed some annoying bugs. The most annoying to me is the performance of the graphical ticker icons that are associated with each thot. They have been not updated consistently and on time and I’ve struggled to resolve the issue. I have made a change to this mechanism tonight, so we’ll have to see if that goes a bit smoother tomorrow. There are other problems, but nothing major (it seems).

I had my first screw up tonight while debugging. I wasn’t careful with a line of code and when I went to run a script, I blew a few thots off the first page. I restored everything right away, but this event of course happened just as the daily flush was occurring. That function does various things like populate the trading history graphs. So now those graphs are screwy for the effected thots. I’m too tired to deal with the graphs right now, so I’ll probably just leave them be until the next flush occurs.


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