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Monthly Archives: August 2007

Anybody who visited the site yesterday (Wednesday) will no doubt have seen the craziness that occurred in the market. We saw some insanely large numbers thrown up on the market. It was both exciting and horrifying to watch on this end. Exciting because the problems were partially a result of the fantastic traffic that the site has managed to rack up in just a couple of days. It was also difficult to see the application spin out of control as an inflation slowly consumed most of the market cascading form one system to another and causing all sorts of problems.

This appears to have occurred because some of the users discovered a weakness in the model used to regulate the market. As far as I can tell, security was not breached, There was a hole open in the model, and clever users rightfully stepped through it. To discover these sorts of weaknesses is precisely the point of having a beta release for the website.

If you are returning to the site, presumably you have enjoyed your experience here and it is my goal to make sure that the market operates in a manner that promotes that enjoyment. As such, we’ve made a few changes to the mechanism tonight and will slightly alter your experience of the site. Hopefully these changes will make the market more useful.

The most noticeable will probably be the addition of a Capital Gains Tax that is applied to sales of stock in excess of $100. The tax rate fluctuates based on how recently you purchased the shares of that thot. For example, if you sell off shares within an hour of their purchase, you will be assessed a 50% penalty on your profit. This drops to 40% in the next hour and so on until it settles at 10%. I hesitate to complicate the system further in this manner, but I think it will help bring some stability to the market.

Now, you will probably see that the crazy high prices have been bumped down. This manual correction is one that I really never want to make, but things got so crazy, I just don’t see another way to get the market corrected in a reasonable time. Also, users who had balances above $100 have been reset to $100. I really didn’t wan to make this kind of correction, especially because most users didn’t actively participate in the inflation, and most of the others didn’t do it intentionally. But, this seemed like the fairest step at this point. It is still a beta release, so unfortunate corrections like this may be called for from time to time. Once the final release is made, it is my goal to let the market forces deal with situations like this, however, that cannot happen until we get the market tuned and humming along.

There is , of course, no guarantee that these changes will take care of things. Further tweaking may very well be needed.

If you have any questions complaints or suggestions about any of this, please feel free to submit them on the contact form. Everything that I’ve received to date has been very helpful.

Thanks for your help!


Well, the mention on Buzz out loud has driven quite a bit of traffic to the site today. Its been really wonderful to see this thing that I’ve agonized over for two months doing its thing. It was an interesting experience to realize that aspects of this site have suddenly left my control, as the users begin to really manipulate the market.

I’ve received some fantastic feedback from the new users. Thanks to all of you!

Of course the volume has exposed some annoying bugs. The most annoying to me is the performance of the graphical ticker icons that are associated with each thot. They have been not updated consistently and on time and I’ve struggled to resolve the issue. I have made a change to this mechanism tonight, so we’ll have to see if that goes a bit smoother tomorrow. There are other problems, but nothing major (it seems).

I had my first screw up tonight while debugging. I wasn’t careful with a line of code and when I went to run a script, I blew a few thots off the first page. I restored everything right away, but this event of course happened just as the daily flush was occurring. That function does various things like populate the trading history graphs. So now those graphs are screwy for the effected thots. I’m too tired to deal with the graphs right now, so I’ll probably just leave them be until the next flush occurs.

So I decided to post the site to trumors to see if we can generate some more traffic. Thankfully this got a few people’s attention. Now the link has been posted to both Digg and Reddit. I also just heard them mention the site on CNET’s Buzz Out loud podcast. How effing cool is that?

Things are moving along nicely so far. We’ve added about 5 solicited users and a number of unsolicited ones. Everyone has started adding content and trading a bit, which is extremely cool to see.

I’ve already made some changes based on observing the application in the field. For example I changed the formula that calculates how much credit users receive with dividend payments because I felt that there were some circumstances where it was paying way too much. Previously the formula didn’t consider the current trading price. As a result, if you owned a large number of a inexpensive stock, you would receive an very large payment. Now things should be a bit more balanced.

There have been a number of other edits, typos, and subtle changes. Thanks to everyone who has been sending feedback!

The site has been up for a day, granted it’s taken almost no traffic, but I’ve invited a few people in. My first bug report came in at about 8am. Thankfully it was a simple one and I was able to correct it right away. There have been a few other little problems here and there but nothing huge (yet). So far the biggest problem has been typos. I rushed the ste through production fast enough that I wasn’t very careful about spelling in the error messages. I’m sure that more of this sort of thing will crop up.

I’ve been mostly interested in populating the site with some content. Day two will include some more testing (in Windows) and invitations for more testers.

Welcome to ThotBlog. The purpose of this site is to discuss details surrounding the development and release of a new social bookmarking website called The site is a kind of cross between and a stock market. Like Digg, users submit and describe links to websites. What makes Thotmarket unique, is that the submissions are ranked based on user’s trading of shares in those links, much like investors trade stocks of public companies.

I’m about to press the button and launch the site (well actually the public beta version of the site). It’s not 100%, but I think it’s close enough. Let’s see what happens…

(6:58 am) the site is now live.